Assignment First

  本篇代寫論文價碼-可持續發展的政策和策略讲了本研究的目的是對未來可持續發展的政策和策略提出強有力的分析和建議。SCEI建議,在工作場所培育可持續發展的文化,讓本組織的所有利益相關者,包括學生、教師、管理層、SCEI運作的社區等等,都能瞭解到這一點。本篇代寫論文價碼文章文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  A proposal for sustainability strategy formulation and implementation is developed for Southern Cross Education Institute SCEI. The management of SCEI has asked to develop this proposal. The proposal will attempt to take into account the current state of SCEI which shows that electrical equipment is not optimized to control energy usage and save energy. Similarly, resources such as paper colour versus black and white printings and more are seen to have a strong impact for organization. In the context of expansion, it is necessary for SCEI to focus on creating a newer sustainability policy and several measures are considered at SCEI from space conservation to recycling and more.


  The purpose of this proposal is to make a strong analysis and recommendation for the sustainability policy and strategy to be followed by SCEI in the future. SCEI is advised,

  To foster a culture of sustainability in the workplace where all stakeholders of the organization are made aware, from students to instructors, the management, the community in which SCEI operates and more.

  To incorporate principles of understanding on environmental sustainability to all stakeholders of SCEI.

  To ensure there is a clear understanding of the rules and regulations applicable when it comes to fostering and implementing environmental sustainability policies for SCEI.

  To incorporate sustainability performance reviews in the form of measuring key performance indicators with respect to space conservation, recycling and energy minimization.

  To ensure all personnel of SCEI are trained according to their knowledge and information requirements on environmental sustainability. Sustainability is a complex construct and as such includes financial and social elements of understanding too and training will have to be structured accordingly.

  Scope of the Sustainability Policy and Procedure

  The sustainability policy and procedures would be applicable to SCEI operations and all activities within the education campus and banner. The policy would be applicable to all students, staff and other members of the community that make use of the Educational services either virtually or by interacting with campus direct. This policy, unless otherwise revised and in possession of a newer policy mandate will be applicable for the year. The policy focuses on three main elements of space conservation, recycling and energy consumption minimization.

  Some of the key definitions to be presented as part of the scope definitions are as follows,

  Sustainability: Sustainability as defined in the proposal and the future sustainability and implementation plan refers to the operation of SCEI in a way that guarantees maximum environmental conservation, shows responsibility with respect to the environment, and also social and financial elements. The operations of the University are to be conducted in such a way that the actions and benefits are replicable for many generations to come.

  Sustainability Performance: The sustainability performance used as a key indicator here refers to the operations of SCEI which would be done in such a way that resources such as electricity, water, paper for printing, transportation and more would be used in such a way so as to meet the environmental sustainability targets set for the year. At least 30 percent energy conservation is planned for the year, and 40 percent water wastage elimination.

  Training and Education for Sustainability: SCEI management should reach out for training both students and faculty on how to become a strong part of the sustainability initiative of the campus.