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The Reformation or the Protestant reformation was the religious, cultural and political and the intellectual
movement that took place in Europe and the 16 th century. This reformation was the cultural upheaval that
broke down the Catholic Europe. The protestant reformation established the new belief and societal structure
that brought the continent into the modern era. Some of the significant reformers of the Protestant
reformation were Martine Luther, Henry VIII and John Calvin. The main aspect of this reformation was that
the reformers challenged the Catholic belief and challenged the Catholic definition of Christian Practice. The reformers were responsible for the redistribution of the power that resulted in war and many persecutions


The Spanish monopoly in Europe was at the centre of the political, economic and social structure of the continent. The most royal monopoly was the Caribbean colonies, as the Caribbean Sea became the major part of Spanish trade, Spanish government and Spanish nationals. All the precious good and money of Europe were drained due to Spanish monopoly. With the spread of reformation, Europe break into Catholic and Protestant countries and the universal authority of the Pope was dismissed. Since the Catholic Church launched the Counter Reformation, it resulted in great struggle between the Catholic and Protestants. Many of the sea captains in the 16 th century, especially those who were Dutch and English, were Protestants who stood against the Spaniards due to the religious movement. This religious movement challenged the Spanish monopoly over seas