Assignment First

  本篇代写论文-政府的背叛和丑闻讲了政府当局开始建立一个更加自主的权力体系,把人民作为目标。政府当局正在利用政府制度确保他们得到好处。在这一进程中,社会的更大部分人继续受害。有些人成为受害者是为了向社会传达一个信息。他们试图使人民的问题保持沉默,以便创造一种新的局面。政府也背叛了人民,集中在诽谤运动。在Cudahy区,当人们想要与现任议员竞选时,他们是诽谤运动的目标。政府当局试图利用这些资金为自己谋福利。他们试图利用恐吓和恐惧来控制人民,并试图获得只有某些政府个人受益的资金。在这种模式下,公共福利项目受到阻碍,并且在这些情况下停止了进展。本篇代写论文文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  People expected to be served from the government. The expectation of the people is that the government will operate in a transparent and fair manner that ensures initiation of the policies in order to make the system accessible and useful for all the people who are involved. Once this is met, there is a more cohesive society. There is basic trust and mutual respect that is forged in this paradigm. In the cases where it is not possible, there will be the leading to chaos in the society. The people are found to face a system that is against their interest. These cause the people in the communities to worsen their quality of life. They are not allowed to grow. This stifling of the growth of the people causes certain level of backlash (Bartlett 71). In this system where there is not enough meeting of the issue, there is chaos in the society. The people use the tool of voting to address these concerns of the people.

  Government Betrayal

  The governmental authorities start to create a more autonomous power system where the people are targeted. The governmental authorities were using the governmental system to ensure that they were benefited. Larger portion of the society continued to be victimized in this process. Some people are made the victims to send a message to the community. They try to silence the issues of the people in order to create a newer situation. The government also betrays the people by focusing on the smear campaigns. In the district of Cudahy, when the people wanted to run against the council incumbents, they were the targets of the smear campaigns. The governmental authority’s tries to use the funds for their own benefit (Vives). They try to use intimidation and fear to control the people and try to secure funds that were only certain governmental individuals are benefitted. In this schema, the public welfare projects are deterred and progress is halted in these cases (Van Prooijen and van Lange 21). The government makes promises that are not addressed by the people in the societies. The government creates a system where the people’s needs are not met. They are forced to face the ramification of excessive greed by the people (Treisman, 2006). The greed of the few members of the government causes the system to fail. Ultimately, these are the ways in which the government betrays the people. They are found to use a number of scare tactics to control the people. These are explained in the following.

  Government Intimidation and Fear Tactics

  The people in power and the elitist try to control the people by using a number of techniques. They berate, bribe, intimidate or attack the people who question the authority. The technique that is used by the government employee is fear or cajoling of the people to be victimized in the governmental system. They create an atmosphere of fear and use the fear of the people to further their own agenda.

  In Cudahy, candidates who dared to participate in the elections were languished by the officials . One of the candidates had a Molotov cocktail that was flung inside candidates premises. There were cases where bribe was a normal function and there were also rigged elections (Vives). Drugs were used to control the people and there was the use of armed bodyguards. These were the governmental authorities who used their power to create a system where the people were controlled. For example, Mayor David Silva, Councilman Osvaldo Conde and Angel Perales were convicted of acting bribes for setting up of a marijuana dispensary store (Associated Press). These show that the governmental authorities used a number of techniques to control the people. These in turn cause the common people in the communities to become victims of the processes. These were some of the techniques that were used by the authorities to control the people. The ways in which the people overcome these techniques are explained in the following.