Assignment First

  本篇代写-内奥米•西姆森的领导品质讲了内奥米•西姆森(Naomi Simson)变革型领导品质的第三个例子是,她在自己的公司“红气球”(redballoon)招募了23人。她聘请了商业培训师,这样她就可以随时了解最新的商业特点和人力资源专业人士。她的目标是在她的公司雇佣一名人力资源专家不仅仅是雇佣其他人和招聘人员,她这样做是为了她能有一个人,他能关注员工的职业健康和福利。作为一个领导者,这是一个伟大的创举,因为她激励其他人优先考虑他人的幸福。变革型领导是一个不断改进和发展团队绩效的过程。本篇代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The third example of transformational leadership quality of Naomi Simson is when she recruited 23 people in her company RedBalloons. She recruited the business trainers so that she can stay updated with the latest business traits and a human resource professional. Her aim to hire a human resource professional in her company was not just to hire other people and to have a recruiter in her company, but she did that so that she can have a person, who could look towards occupational health and well-being of her employees. This was a great initiative as a leader, as she motivated others to give preference to the well-being of other people. Transformational leadership is a continuous process of making improvements and developing team performance (Wang & Howell, 2012).

  Key Challenges

  Naomi Simson is the name, who has received many awards and held different titles in the corporate world. Her company is very successful. However, to achieve that success, she has also faced various challenges. The first challenge for her was to provide the happy environment to her employees. In Australia, people did not believe that workplaces could also be happy places. She wanted that environment in her company should be happy and motivating. Nevertheless, she had the challenge to induce happiness at work. For this purpose, she used her leadership skills to motivate people towards happiness. Thus, running a business with happy environment was very challenging for her, which she managed with her amazing leadership and motivating skills (Dong et al., 2016). According to the study of Breevaart et al (2014), motivating employees and daily engagement is very important, which is promoted by Simson at her company RedBalloons.

  Second challenge for her was to improve employee engagement and dedication towards work. She alone started her business, and slowly added more people with her. However, with many changes in the business industry, the challenge was to motivate people for work engagement and dedication (Henker, Sonnentag, and Unger, 2015). To become a leading employer, it was important to understand the needs of employees. To overcome this challenge, she started social functions and wellness programs for her employees (Naomi Simson, 2014). She was also liberal enough to allow her employees to work from home if they ever wanted (Naomi Simson, 2014).