Assignment First

  本篇代写-Serko公司的年度报告讲了Serko limited的毛利润价值,以收入与成本之差计算,约为200万。毛利润价值通常因行业而异,因为企业实际赚到的钱,以及不需要支付制造产品或服务所涉及的管理费用(如工资、税收、租金等)所赚到的钱。就Serko而言,该公司披露的年报似乎表明,其200万美元的毛利润远远低于服务行业的总体利润。因此,与Serko相比,服务行业的毛利润要高得多。Serko股价下跌了约99.5%,而其他所有股票都比Serko股价高99.99%。因此,必须重新考虑对公司的投资。本篇代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Broker Recommendation: The value of Gross profit for Serko limited, calculated as the difference of Revenue and Cost to Revenue is around 2M. The gross profit value usually varies across sectors because of the money the business actually makes and the money it would make if it did not have to pay such overhead expenses involved in creating the product or service such as that of the salary, the tax, rent etc. Now in the case of Serko, the company annual report disclosure seems to indicate that the gross profit of 2M is much lower than what is made in the services sector in general. Services sector hence can be assumed to make a lot more with respect to gross profit values compared to Serko. Serko was lower by around 99.5 percent while all other stocks were higher by 99.99 percent than Serko. Hence investment in the company has to be reconsidered. Secondly, a good operating margin is required for the company as the level of operating margin will indicate whether the company has the capability to pay of its fixed costs or debts. Hence, the higher the margin of the company, the better it is when considering investment. The earning potential of the company can be calculated by means of the operating margin as assessed against competitors. The value of operating margin is -23.77%. In the services sector, the general operating margin is lesser than this, in fact the value of Serko is around 354.49% higher, and is around 92.63% higher when compared against the business services sector in general (MacroAxis, 2017). Therefore, from this analysis, investment in Serko is highly recommended.


  Liquidity ratio is important to assess the ability of the company when it comes to short term debt obligations. The ratio will show the capability of company to pay off those debts. Most liquid assets of the company are usually considered here and based on them; the cash convertibility status is assessed. Current ratio and acid or quick ratio will be useful for assessing the liquidity. The current ratio is calculated with the current assets value and the current liabilities. It is the current asset divided by the current liabilities. The value gives the measure of the ability of company to pay current liability through the next year. The current ratio of Serko is calculated as Current Asset/ Current liabilities which are 2.25 (MacroAxis, 2017).