Assignment First

  本篇代寫-通信行業讲了通信行業的巨大增長需求及其在人們生活中的重要性。它關注的是電視網絡的發展,因爲電視是最好的娛樂傳播媒介,它能激發觀衆的想象力,並在個人層面與觀衆進行聯繫。它是同時向世界上的每一個人傳達信息的最簡單、最有效的方式。本篇代寫文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Communication is the business of conveying information by means of gestures, symbols, speech, expressions and body language. The use of gestures and symbols to communicate has been taking place since the very beginning of mankind. Gradually with evolution, these gestures developed into speech, a form of verbal communication and then into written form of communication like letters and emails. Today, communication is at its peak of development and has emerged as a whole new industry covering television, telegraphs, radio broadcasting, advertising, publishing, motion pictures, advertising, public relations, home videos, computer databases, telecommunications and what not.

  This report discusses in detail about the tremendously growing need of communication industry and its importance in people’s lives. It focuses on the growth of television network, as this is the best medium of communication with entertainment as it triggers the viewers’ imagination and connects with them at a personal level. It is the easiest and most effective way to convey information to every individual in the world at the same time. In this report, it would discuss about Netflix, the world’s leading television entertainment company. Growth of Netflix gained momentum with the rising demand of customized viewing through mobiles, internet, smartphone and smart TVs. In today’s world, the consumers/viewers wish to see the digital content of their choice and as per their convenience. This has increased the popularity of on demand streaming and new companies providing such facilities to viewers are emerging. This has increased the level of competition amongst these players who have to face new challenges for surviving in this market.

  The primary objective of this report is to understand the challenges faced by Netflix to form a base in the entertainment industry. This study would analyse that how these challenges were converted into opportunities to meet expectations of viewers of the 21st century. Understanding the architecture, service strategy and performance of Netflix will explain as to how it was able to succeed and reach its position, despite competition from other on demand streaming service providers. Hence, this article analyses the relationship between television industry and video on demand (VOD) with the example of Netflix.