Assignment First

  本篇代写-压力对工作和生活的影响讲了压力是最不稳定的因素之一,也是一个个性化的事实,它的基本原因有很多。在工作或工作的环境中,正是强烈的需求反过来控制了个人的决策能力,也控制了自我无意识的反应,这反过来又影响了个人的心理变得无生产力,而处理的需求规模(Furnham, 2010)。许多科学研究证明,对自己要求高的人,对自己的情况控制能力相对较差的人,患心血管疾病的几率比其他任何人都要高。本篇代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Stress is one of the most volatile as well as a personalized fact that its basic cause can vary from many reasons. In the environment of job or work, it is the intensity of demand that in turn controls the person’s faculty of decision making also self-control involuntary response, which in turn affects the individual psyche in becoming unproductive, while dealing with that magnitude of requirements (Furnham, 2010). It is proved by many scientific researches that individuals who have high demand for requirements over them and who are comparably less control over the situation are likely to develop cardiovascular diseases at a higher rate than any other.

  Since, the topic is stress, it is important to understand the aspect and stages of stress. Also it is important to understand the stress in detail, when it comes to the matter of managing them. In a corporate environment, it is important for a manager to understand his work-force and the level of stress they undergo in a daily basis (Greenhalgh, 2013). So by analyzing and eradicating the situation that lead to stress, a work force can be more productive for the betterment of the organization and above all for the individual itself.

  Even though there are comparatively less outward symptoms to stress, long term severity can bring forth various issues that may reflect on the individual’s body, and that include pain or even the decline in the health of that individual (Greenhalgh, 2013). To understand stress in detail, there are three stages in stress which are Acute, Chronic and Severe. In Acute stress, an individual may only undergo short-period of stress; the reason may be a deadline in the work, a momentary competition in the environment or a momentary conflict within the work-environment. In chronic stage of stress, an employee might involve in many responsibilities that are running in and out of their job-objective, for them the more responsibility and less control over them bring forth stress in a long-term basis (Gillespie et al 2011). On the severe stage, the employee or the worker fall into a total-unproductive and self-distressed stage, and it is better to leave the employee or the worker with professional care instead of managing them within the organization.

  Also it is important to ponder the reason behind this stress causes and reasons; in fact there are several. Hence, we state some of the main factors which are causing it by solely perceiving it through an overview of the subject. First and the foremost reason are to meeting demands in the workplace as it is discussed before. Conflict between the employees is also another reason for the employee/worker stress. Also it is a stressful situation when an individual have to manage people under his authority, especially when it comes to people who are holding managerial position (Gillespie et al 2011). Change in the job, or the atmosphere is now a common reason among the worker class to undergo stress.