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  代写 英文:管理会计在组织中的作用

  管理会计在公司中起着重要的作用。管理会计有助于组织利润的增长。管理会计帮助组织通过收集和处理资料,并通过提供沟通信息来改进其计划和业务战略,从而提高决策质量。在大多数组织中,管理会计被分成几个类别,如税务会计、财务会计和个别审计员。良好的管理会计和管理会计的发展是包括营销管理人员、技术人员、会计人员、专业人员、管理人员在内的个人的重要因素。管理会计涵盖了成本会计所做的最大产品成本(Marchington和Wilkinson, 2009)。任何组织的计划、控制和发展都得到管理会计的支持,由一名叫做控制人的高级会计领导管理会计的各个部门。在一个非常大的公司里,财务总监必须把所有的财务报告交给副总裁。整个部门总裁或首席财务官(CFO)从副总裁处收集所有的财务报告。在任何组织中,管理会计的过程是负责创造和利用的成本,时间和质量为基础的决策。公司的许多部门都与这个过程有关,因为财务会计部门向组织提供财务报告以供决策。税务会计部门处理法律事务,参与计划、控制和决策过程。成本会计提供报告并跟踪服务成本(Merna和Al-Thani, 2008)。在管理会计中,个人对个人专业技能的发展很感兴趣。管理会计制度是一种公正的制度,其主要目标包括:



   代写 英文:管理会计在组织中的作用

  Management accounting plays a major role in the company. The management accounting helps to develop the growth of profit of the organization. Management accounting aids the organization to develop the decision making quality by collecting and processing of the material and also by providing communicating information through which they can improve their plans and business strategy. In most of the organization, the management accounting is divided into few categories like tax accounting, financial accounting, and individual auditors. The good management accounting and the development of the management accounting are an important factor for individuals who include marketing managements, technicians, accountants, professionals, executives. The management accounting covers maximum product costing done by cost accounting (Marchington and Wilkinson, 2009). The planning, control and the evolution of any organization are support by the management accounting by a top accountant called controller who leads the various division of the management accounting. In a very large company, the controller has to give all the finance report to the vice president. The entire division president or the chief financial officer (CFO) collects all the financial reports from the vice president. In any organization, the process of management accounting is responsible for the creating and utilizing of the cost, time and the quality based decision making. Many departments of a company are related to this process as the financial accounting department provides the finance report to the organization for decision making. The tax accounting department takes care of the legal issues, and they participate in the planning, controlling and the process of decision making. The cost accounting provides the report and tracking the service costs (Merna and Al-Thani, 2008). In management accounting, individuals are interested in the development of the individual professional skill. The management accounting system is the unbiased system whose major goals include:

  Represent the correct information to the different department which can facilitate their planning, controlling and decision-making.

  Provide a means of communicative information to make their decision-making process easy.