Assignment First

  本篇代写英文论文-建筑工地安全管理计划讲了在一个建筑工作中,多个活动是并行进行的,不同的人力被分配到每个工作中。在这种情况下,两个人在类似地点工作的危险性会增加。单个作业似乎是安全的,但相应的并行作业可能会对两者造成严重破坏。为了将多个作业的危害降到最低,应设置许可证系统来标识正在进行的作业边界。它也将有助于保持所有活动的记录,并确保适当的PPEs的工作。本许可证应在现场展示,明确指出所有评估的危害和建议的措施。本篇代写英文论文文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Fire fighting and Back-up Team

  Preventing hazards on identification is the primary purpose of safety management plan. A back up team should always be in contact in case of any emergency at workplace. Medical first aid should always be available at site.

  Route and Access Point

  The construction site is not an open field and has limited access. Hence it is advisable to shift heavy load during off hours.

  Implementation Strategy

  For effective implementation of the safety management plan, few steps are always recommended as international practice:

  Permit to Work System

  On a construction job, multiple activities are ongoing parallel to each other and different manpower is deputed at each job. In such cases, the hazards associated with a job on similar location by two partied increases. A single job might seem safe but the corresponding parallel job could result in havoc for both. To minimize the hazards of multiple jobs, permit system should be in place to mark the job boundaries being done. It will also help to keep a record of all activities and ensure proper PPEs for the said job. This permit should be displayed at the location with clear mentioning of all the assessed hazards and suggested measures (Kamardeen, 2014).


  When a large number of labours are taken for a job and various contractors are involved, the generated diversity calls for an induction training to make the masses familiar with the work and safety protocol.


  Audits are the best counter check on the safety management plan. The mentioned tags, health certificates and permit to work system compliance will help implement the safety plan in an effective and manageable way.