Assignment First

  本篇代寫-中國文化的變遷和細微差別讲了對於理解文化品味的細微差別和每個特定社會的暢銷書排行榜,很少有文獻被開發出來。美國和英國等國家的文學作品很多,而中國等國家的文學作品卻很少。關於中國文化存在着大量的共性信息,本研究的目的是瞭解近十年來中國文化的變遷和細微差別。本篇代寫文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  In this analysis, there is initial discussions of how the book preference is a reflection of culture of a society. From this, there is investigation of the various class theorists in society. The choices of a person for pleasure and their socio economic reasons for developing the choices will be probed. Then there is representation of the data collection of the various bestseller lists in China from 2010 to 2015. The analysis of the genre and the modern trends in China and the Chinese culture will be understood from this analysis. The reasons for the people to develop affinity towards certain genre will be explained in detail in this analysis. The economic data of the Country between the years of 2010 to 2015 has been mentioned in this analysis. The theories of Bourdieu and the Rational choice theory will be applied to the reading habits of the people. The future trend analysis has been drawn in the end by application of the theories of Bourdieu and Rational Choice theory along with the conclusions. In the Appendix section, there will be mention of the various economic data of China.

  Research Background

  Strong correlation exists between the reading habits of the people and the culture of the people. The emerging technology in the recent times has caused a considerable change in the culture. This has been found to be different across the spectrum there has been a number of significant development and changes that needs to be probed in detail to understand about the different cultures. This has found to be a blanketed approach and is found to be very homogenous in its approach. There is very little literature that has been developed for understanding the nuances of the cultural taste and the bestseller lists for each specific society. There is a lot of literature for the countries such as United States and United Kingdom however very less literature is present for the countries such as China. There is a lot of generic information that exists about the Chinese culture the aim of this research is to understand the cultural changes and nuances in the current decade.