Assignment First

  本篇代做assignment-摄影在新闻中的作用讲了人们相信照片可以传达千言万语无法表达的东西(Marion, 2002)。有些人喜欢看这张照片,并参照它来阅读。通过这种方式,他们获得了更好地阅读和理解新闻情况的联系。摄影的作用是用正确的证据来说服新闻,最终提高文章的整体可信度。本篇代做assignment文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The photograph represents 3 important messages:

  The joy of soldiers as they gather together

  Ceaseless love that Actress Marlene has on the soldiers

  Victory of soldiers as they return from war

  All these messages are clearly conveyed with 2 people lifting her and 1 person being kissed by her and other person on the small gap on top watching the scene.

  The photograph nearly stayed as a motivator to soldiers as they are still stepping to the next destination during war period.

  Type of narrative

  The narrative in this photograph is intended. Everything is preset and they become very clear to the viewers. It is evident that soldiers do visit their homes rarely. This picture shows the enormous joy that a woman has when a soldier from her circle returns after a really long time and with an added victory.

  The photography also displays good degree of cultural acceptance. Having shot in New York, the culture is almost the same as captured in the picture and this has no vulgarity or immorality in it. It is an original attempt by this woman. This picture is very easy to interpret and shows that it has been intentionally planned (Carlebach, 1992).


  Perhaps, the image has a fair as well as accurate representation of the context and situations the photographer is trying to depict. The joy and celebration moods of people in this photograph are apparent. Subsequently, the moods of people further motivate the viewers to admire and engage with their proud and joyous moments. Having happened in the ship, people have to lift her and the ways others stand around watching this scene are quite natural and accurate. There are no artificial elements added to the picture. The setup is totally suiting the scene.


  Photojournalism is exposed to a range of ethical practices that should be followed for the news to be accepted on different mediums (Kobre, 2008).

  Firstly, this picture breaks the stereotype of a woman kissing a man in public and vice versa. While it is unacceptable according to other traditional cultures, the place where it is shot does not have any strict rules on the same.

  Secondly, there are no photo manipulations done in this photograph. Everything is natural starting from the people peeping here and there and the parts of ship that are visible. It appears very spontaneous.

  Thirdly, it is actually Marlene who is kissing a random GI and in return, he kisses her while the news portrays only the latter part. This appears to be a bit controversial.

  Excluding the last issue highlighted, this photograph is not exposed to any ethical violations.

  Role of photography in journalism

  It is believed that photographs can convey thousand things that words cannot (Marion, 2002). There are people who prefer to see the photograph and read with reference to it. By this way, they gain the connection to read and understand news situation better. The role of photography is to convince the news with right evidences that can eventually improve the overall credibility of that piece of article.


  The representation of this picture of Marlene has been exposed to rounds of controversies due to cultural differences of her fans. Still, the photograph actually seems very natural in terms of the shot, emotions, reaction and the location. The objective is conveyed without hurting the areas of morality and ethics. The photographer has also tried to capture it with a better understanding so that it can be converted into news and at the same time it can still evolve as a photograph.