Assignment First

  本篇代做assignment-数量变化对服务过程的影响讲了高质量-在高多样性和低体积的过程中,如建筑师的实践,主要是基于建筑的最终美学、物理性质和详细设计的具体适当性。在一个量大品种少的快餐店里,对质量的关注主要集中在食物的实际味道上,但最重要的是产品或服务符合其规格设计。食物必须在数量和含量方面进行推广。本篇代做assignment文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Quality- In high variety and low volume processes such as a practice by an architect is majorly based on the building’s final aesthetic physicality and the detailed design specific appropriateness. In an outlet for fast food wherein volumes are high and lower variety is present, concerns on quality are mostly present over the food’s actual taste but essential significant is product or service conformity to its specification design. The food has to be promoted in terms of quantity and content (Berry et al, 2002). In a process with exceptional high volume and lower variety such as an organization for electric supply, there is an exclusive concern for service provision without any errors wherein electricity should be available constantly. The quality meaning here has transitioned from primarily being concerned with product or service performance and specification towards predefined standard conformity as one moves from the operations involving low volume and high variety through to operations with high volume and low variety.

  Speed- Architect project speed implies completion date negotiation with every client depending upon the needs of the clients and the estimates of architect on the amount of work that has to be done within every project. For a fast food restaurant, customers can be asked to wait for the provision of service but not for more period of time (Zomerdijk, L. G. and Voss, C., 2010). Even though there is some tolerance of customer, it is essential for the service to be made available in that specific time. Therefore, these examples are evident that speed implies negotiated delivery time for an individual in operations with low volume and more variety but these moves towards delivery instantly in some operations involving higher volume and lesser variety such as McDonalds.

  Dependability- Within processes moves from on-time delivery implied in operations with low volume and high variety to operations with higher volume but lower variety.