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  本篇代做assignment-斯德哥尔摩综合症讲了近年来,关于斯德哥尔摩综合症的讨论很少。作者已相当有效地将该综合症应用于南澳大利亚的案例,以说明燃煤电厂的重要性。文章中的雄辩、连贯和流畅的文字使任何人阅读和研究这种情况都变得有趣和有益。有了合适的例子,论点就足够有力了,除了连通性会让读者难以理解。作者已经证明了他的力量,在发展这篇文章的有效和告知读者的情况。本篇代做assignment文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Diagram of argument

  1. Hostages have developed positivity towards their captors and negativity towards police officials.

  1.1 Personalities fall prey due to such positivity and engage in robbing banks.

  2. Stockholm syndrome is combined with Kool-aid soft drink mix (Akerman, 2017).

  2.1 It started with Jim Jones, a Communist and a cult leader in America and spread to Australia.

  2.2 Disappearance of Snowtown is the evidence for this syndrome.

  3. Kool-aid has kicked out the future prospects of South Australia with its end to coal fired power plants that are the future for many nations.

  3.1 South Australia might soon face economic misfortune

  Strengths and weaknesses

  The author of the article has given a detailed listing of facts supporting the arguments. Be it the mass suicide of people initiated by Jones or the homes functioning without power in South Australia, the details make the research highly valid and accurate. The article persuades the reader to understand the potential of South Australia that has been misunderstood so far with the comparison of the country to other countries like Indonesia, India, China, Philippines and Vietnam.

  The article has failed to establish a direct connectivity between the arguments. For example, the case of global coal tracker research results is suddenly introduced and included in the arguments. It is difficult to understand at the first instance due to a number of facts in a short paragraph. Secondly, the author tries to beat around the bush to explain the situation of coal fired power plants in South Australia. It does not motivate the readers but becomes agitated about the lack of understanding of government. It would have been motivating for people to immediately take it forward if there are instances to show that the global warmists are wrong and South Australia should take this matter seriously.