Assignment First


直接與傳媒聯絡,例如語音郵件、直接郵遞、電話服務及貿易展覽,將會用作宣傳活動的媒介。它也具有成本效益(Percy & Rosenbaum-Elliott, 2016)。分析表明,直接郵寄選項仍然是為公司顯示消息的強大工具。這些公司仍然重視使用直郵。這個應該由公司使用(shimp&andrews, 2012)。

Facebook、Twitter、Instagram等社交媒體廣告在視覺上吸引著消費者。這些工具將有大量的廣告,人們將被鼓勵為健康的幸福(Thorson & Moore,2013)。

最後,活動將舉行宣布獲獎者。這項活動將在其經營的健身中心內舉行。每個健身中心將公布當地的獲勝者,他們來自的公司將在Bounce fitness網站上免費發布廣告。

代做論文 :廣告活動的想法和道德要求

澳大利亞競爭與消費者委員會(Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)詳細討論了企業在向公眾銷售或宣傳產品時需要采用的代碼(Solomon, Russell-Bennett, &Previte, 2012)。



代做論文 :廣告活動的想法和道德要求

Direct media contact such as voice mail messaging, direct mail, phone services and trade shows will be used as media options to promote the campaign. It is also cost effective (Percy & Rosenbaum-Elliott, 2016). Analysis indicates that the direct mailing option continues to be a powerful tool to present the messages for the companies. The companies still value the use of direct mailing. This should be used by the company (Shimp& Andrews, 2012).
Social media advertisements such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram visually appeal to the consumers. There will be heavy advertising in these tools and the people will be encouraged for healthy wellbeing (Thorson & Moore,2013).
Finally, the event will be hosted to announce the winners. This event will be hosted within the premise of the fitness centres where they operate. Each centre will announce the local winner, and the company where they come from will be freely advertised in the Bounce fitness website.

代做論文 :廣告活動的想法和道德要求

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission discusses in detail about the codes that the companies need to adopt while selling or advertising their products to the public (Solomon, Russell-Bennett, &Previte, 2012).
While advertising, the company should not make deceptive claims. They should not state false information regarding the usefulness of their product. There should be trust and truth in the claims that have been made. Integrity of the company will be lost if they make falsified claims. Hence there should be clear claims that should be made (Belch, et al., 2014).
In this advertising campaign, the company that meets the fitness challenge will be given discounts. This pricing should be made clear at the beginning of the services that have been rendered. It should not be falsified claims and hidden prices.