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多伦多大学代写 :南海社会福利中心管理目标

Nanhai Social Welfare Centre has a number of positive features. It needs to set up certain attainable goals. Primary objective is to increase number of residents in the center by 10% per year. This is because of the growing number of destitute children and seniors in society. For this, there should be more employees and a better employee management system. Current levels of employee turnover must be reduced. It was not known during the course of internship regarding the financial status of the organization. Hence, it has not been mentioned as a factor. This is also a problem because there is a lack of transparency of operations. From what was observed, employees of the organization worked for the intangible rewards. Hence, more appreciation and accolades should be given to the employees. If the employees are made aware of their issues and more intangible employee recognition is given, there can be a better management system.
Measurable factors are the number of residents in the organization and current employee number involved in the service sector. Using this as a factor, the impact of better employee management scheme in the organization can be derived.
These policies are easily attainable. Employee management should be aligned with the primary goals of the company. Bringing in more transparency of operations and increasing wages of employee is a long-term goal that needs to be created along with policy changes of the company. Being a public service organization owing to hierarchy, this would probably take longer time to achieve. However, more employee recognition like intangible recognition can be provided in the immediate future. There can be more practices to appreciate employees. Certain amount of transparency of the operations can be allowed. This would also increase the brand image of the organization. This would lead to more sponsors and investors for the company.
Realistically, it is feasible to have a better employee management system to handle the increase in the number of residents. Individual managers and supervisors can give more appreciation for people. This is realistically possible and achievable in the interim. The managers can be more flexible to suit employee needs and make employee happiness a part of the team management agenda. This is to ensure that employees would aid during times of need.
The individual managers can achieve recognition of employee efforts within a week. They can assess the employee work and provide them with insights for the same. Within the management, there can be more transparency and show employees how their services have caused positive effects. This would boost employee performance, increase employment rate and reduce turnover rates.