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国际营销作为现代商业的一个重要趋势,已经成为一个全球性的管理过程(Doole and Lowe, 2008)。对于跨国公司来说,他们必须考虑采取各种营销策略来促进他们的产品在全球市场的销售。由于许多跨国公司最初都是本土企业,因此毫无疑问,他们的大多数产品都是在自己的国家本地化的。为了使他们的产品国际化,公司可能必须采取三种策略,即要么在其他国家销售完全相同的产品,修改和调整现有的产品以适应不同的市场,要么为不同的市场创造新的产品。更重要的是,文化原因也会导致产品的修改。

在当今时代,国际营销既是全球性商业活动的一个实践问题,也是一个学术问题,产品的标准化和适销对路一直是国际营销者争论的焦点。便利店行业作为近年来向全球扩张的行业之一。许多跨国公司,如Tesco, SPAR, 7-Eleven,都非常愿意将他们的产业链扩展到全球其他国家。考虑到近年来关于标准化和适应性的争论,本研究试图探讨现代全球商业背景下跨国公司产品标准化或适应性的程度。

essay代写 :国际营销的研究背景和理论基础

International marketing as an important trend in modern business has become a process of management on a global scale (Doole and Lowe, 2008). In terms of the transnational companies, they have to consider adopting various marketing strategies to promote the sales of their products in the global market. Due to the fact that many multinational corporations are originally native businesses, there is no doubt for them to localize most of their products in their own countries. To make their products internationalized, the companies might have to adopt three kinds of strategies, namely, either by selling exactly the same products in other countries, modifying and adjusting the existing products to different markets, or by creating new products for diverse markets. What’s more, cultural reasons can also lead to the modification of products.
In current times, international marketing is both a practical issue and an academic issue for global business and whether to standardize or adapt the products has arisen several disputes among the international marketers. Convenience stores industry as one of the industries has expanded to the globe recently. Many multinational corporations, like Tesco, SPAR, 7-Eleven show great willingness to expand their industry chains to other countries globally. Taking into account of the several years’ debate on standardization and adaptation, this research attempts to probe into the extent of standardization or adaptation of products for multinational companies under the context of modern global business.