作为一个以地理为中心的组织,“无论何时”的核心目标将是在全球范围内统一子公司和总部。公司的子公司,因此既不是独立的城市国家也不是卫星,而是整体的组成部分,其中的重点是全球化的目标和本地化的目标(Ngo et al., 2008)。在这里,每个部分都以其独特的能力做出了自己独特的贡献。地理中心主义进一步归结为产品的差异化、功能的多样化,因为不同的市场需要在地理基础上具有不同性质和位置的行为。在商业的各个方面,以地理为中心的主要包括研究和开发以及营销。

通过这种以地理为中心的结构,关键的目标将是在子公司和总部之间形成一个基于协作的网络,这样的安排需要包含一个通用的标准集,因此,当企业的重要决策受到攻击时,可以将其作为指南(Ohmae, 2010)。这些决策包括新工厂的启动和管理、产品如何向新客户群营销的想法以及产品的变更。最有效的执行方式将是通过正式的奖励制度,激励公司总部和子公司共同努力,在全球范围内共同实现目标。

虽然有一些不同的方法可以用来检查虚拟组织的国际战略和战略,但是在区别地考虑当前框架和理论过程时,要理解跨国组织所做的复杂决策仍然是有问题的(Pradhan 2007)。这是因为市场、地理维度的市场和组织结构要素之间的关系没有纳入任何这类框架。

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As a geocentric organization, the key goal of “Whenever” will lie in globally uniting its subsidiaries and headquarters. The subsidiaries of the firms and therefore neither independent city states nor satellites but components of whole wherein the focus is over globalized objectives along with localized objectives (Ngo et al., 2008). Here each part makes its contribution of unique nature with its competence of unique nature. Geo-centrism furthermore boils down to differentiation of product, functional diversification from the perspective that distinct markets need behaviour of dissimilar nature and location on geographic basis. Out of every business aspect, the ones which are geocentric predominantly include researching and developing as well as marketing.
Through this geocentric structure, the key goal will lie in forming a collaboration based network between subsidiaries and headquarters wherein such arrangement needs to entail a universal standards set that can therefore be utilized as a guideline when essential decisions of businesses are attacked (Ohmae, 2010). These decisions are inclusive of start-up and management of newer plants, thoughts on how product is marketed to a newer base of customer and alterations of product. The most effective manner for enforcing this will be through formalized rewarding system that motivates, the company’s headquarter and the subsidiary together for working over goals globally and collaboratively.
While there are distinct approaches which can be utilized for examining fictitious organizations international strategies and strategies, but still it can be problematic to appreciate the complicated decisions that multinational organizations make when taking into consideration current frameworks and theoretical processes in distinction (Pradhan 2007). This is because the relationships between market, market of geographical dimension and elements of organization structure are not incorporated within any of such frameworks.