Assignment First



  一般的方法,比如二人组,两个人被问到类似的设计问题;这不是一种正确的方式来了解确切的设计,因为一个人的反应可能会受到另一个人的影响(Mas, Gomez a . F.)。梅内德斯(J. L. Menendez)。里奥斯(J. Rios)。2012)。超级组也是在浪费时间,因为所有的参与者都不会对他们的回答提出批评。三合会是另一种无效的方法,因为对所有问题的回答需要很长时间,而且可能不是研究者所需要的。在线方式也没有效果,因为主持人看不到他们,不知道他们是否在说他们对产品的感觉。






  Methodological approach

  The general methods like Dyads where 2 people are asked similar questions about the design; this is not a correct way of knowing the exact design as the response of one can be influenced by the other(Mas, Gomez A. F., Mas, J. L. Menéndez., and J. Ríos. 2012). Super groups are also a waste of time as all the participants will not be critical in their response. Triads is another method which is again not effective as the response to all the questions take s along time and may not be what is required by the researcher. Online method is also not effective as the moderator cannot see them to know if they are speaking what they feel about the product.


  Feedback by Plowman and Dunn is used to confirm that ethnography and qualitative approach is the right way to arrive on the conclusion of best design suitable for the consumer which is tried and tested by the consumer before the final product is launched.


  To conclude, every business should use the approach of involving the consumer from the time of deigning the product. To study the consumer various methods like taking interviews, spending time with them, knowing more about their likes, preferences, cultural beliefs etc. would help a researcher to create a bond with the consumer and hence give the best output to the consumer.