essay代寫 :嚴格的員工紀律規範


essay代寫 :嚴格的員工紀律規範

In order to avoid gender discrimination in the workplace, having strict discipline in the workplace is the right choice. There is needed to implement employee’s laws so that none employee is bullying or harassing each other. In case this happens, then system is needed to be in place so that each employee can directly contact to senior authority regarding the same and actions can be taken accordingly . The regulatory risk is important to reduce in the organization with help of the strict discipline code and employee laws.

essay代寫 :嚴格的員工紀律規範

If the strict punishments are implemented for bullying and harassment and strict punishments are imposed on such employees, then in this scenario, there are chances that trade unions will strike for it. This may result that employee will not appear for work in the company and hence entire organization may face trouble because of lack of employees. This may also risk for increase in wages in lack of employee. The pressure on employee for attending the office more frequently and not taking off might results in to low productivity for the company. The employee will only come for attending office and spend the defined time and leave but the company will not have growth because less productivity. The best way to reduce absenteeism is allowing them to come any time in a day and do the work effectively. This will help in increase in productivity and also reducing absenteeism.