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尼康D7200 Mark II是用来拍摄这张照片的仪器。彩色摄影属于肖像摄影,肖像被完全放大,并直接暴露给观众。与肖像相关的环境很少被看到。它褪色了,也模糊了。这张照片的细节足够了。从这张照片和它被捕获的方式(褪色和模糊7-9)有几个要点。它们显示了摄影师在特定环境下给出正确输出的绝对智慧。


essay格式 :摄影作品的描述与讨论


essay格式 :摄影作品的描述与讨论

Nikon D7200 Mark II is the instrument that is used to capture this photograph. The color photography falls under the portrait photography where the portrait is completely zoomed in and has a direct exposure to the audience. The environment associated with the portrait is less seen. It is faded and also blurred. The details in this photograph are adequate. There are several takeaways from this picture and the way it has been captured (Faded & Blurred 7-9). They show the absolute intelligence of the photographer to give the right output in a particular environment.
There is a saying that great portraits are the results of great gestures. With the body turned towards the right, only the right hand is visible and the gesture is that the right hand is inside the pocket. The expression is a keen thinking on something particular, and thus, the eyes are stuck to this thinking. With the spectacles kept on the table, it is also feasible to identify that people usually remove spectacles to get into deep thinking and this is a good example for the same. The room is full of pictures and it looks like the person who is posing is into official work. It shows a subtle gesture of hand and a blur of this spontaneous movement. This expression along with gesture paves better way for quality outputs in photography. This also gives a focus on what it consumes to be a human.

essay格式 :摄影作品的描述与讨论

In general, street photography gives a stronger importance to capture the emotion of the subject as this emotion pulls the eyes of the reader and also surrounds the environment with relevant emotion. A good street photograph is supposed to be either blurry or sharp. The subject is sharp and the background is blurry (Faded & Blurred 7-9). Facial features and clothing are two things that people note first upon seeing a photograph. When these are presented in aesthetic manner, it arouses the interest of the viewer. It directly conveys the feeling that the subject of the photograph is into when the picture is captured.