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待白色层冷却后,将其切割下来进行设计成型,据估计,最初的制作耗时两年。切割的工作是由一位熟练的宝石切割师完成的。还指出,该物体可能是通过造型而不是冷切割,最有可能是使用白色玻璃粉末的上层。要达到这一目标,可以适当地实施服务和商品的营销组合。为了吸引顾客和产品的引入,产品的价格会降低,同时会有优惠的呈现(Mullin et al., 2014)。酒店将提供免费化妆盒和奖励措施,其中包括为每100名顾客提供一个存放物品的隔间、防溅内饰和镜子。一个好的定价策略应该有能力为每一个客户创造价值,加强和建立他们与产品和组织的关系。因此,直接营销也将用于产品的推广。为了达到适当的目标,零售商将利用现金为基础的奖励措施,在消费者面前储存和推销产品。为了测试促销策略,将使用直销,因为它可以直接和间接地评估与促销策略相关的有效性(Pitta et al., 2006)。这将有助于进一步改善缺点,提高客户的生产效率。

essay格式 :学习IDEO公司文化的营销策略

At the company of IDEO, a culture of high performance has been set under the support of differentiated development and rewards that can be considered as the key of delivering business objectives and individuals. The key factor driving this is the alignment of challenging and clear responsibilities, while it is ensured that there is awareness among employees regarding how their contribution affects IDEO. Learning is a major ingredient for the culture of the company of IDEO. Employees at each and every level consider systematic encouragement for considering upgrading their skills and knowledge. The company is responsible for the determination of priorities related to development and training. The responsibility to convert priorities into actions is shared across human resources, line managers and the employees. On- the- job training and experience can be considered as the key source of facilitating learning. Managers hold the key responsibility to guide and coach employees for succeeding within the present positions. This depicts the consideration of knowledge sharing and organizational learning across the organization. The employees and line managers have been working collaboratively for ensuring there is setting up of challenging objectives and involves effective evaluation all across the year. This has been further useful for managers in acknowledging reward deserving and high performing employees accordingly, and the proper management of low performance is ensured with integrity. Each and every employee under the support of line manager holds the key responsibility for his or her professional development. Under this procedure, there is encouragement of employee for expressing expectation and objective of career within an open dialogue.
After the white layer cooled down, it was cut away for the formation of design, and it has been estimated that originally, it took two years in production. The performance of cutting was done by a skilful cutter of gems. It is also stated that the object might have been made by moulding instead of cold cutting, most probably by the use of white glass powder for the upper layer.The achievement of this can be done by properly implementing the marketing mix for the services and goods. For the attraction of customers and the introduction of product, the price of the product will be lowered while there will be presentation of special offers (Mullin et al., 2014). There will be provision of free cosmetic case and incentives which will be inclusive of a compartment for holding the items, spill resistant interior and mirror for every first 100 purchases made. A good strategy of pricing should have the ability of creating value for each and every customer, strengthening and building their relationship with its products and an organization. Hence, direct marketing will also be used for the promotion of product. For the achievement of appropriate goals, there will be a utilization of cash based incentives for the retailers for stocking and promoting the product in front of the consumers. For testing the strategy of promotion, there will be a utilization of direct sales as it enables direct and indirect evaluations for measuring the effectiveness related to promotion strategy (Pitta et al., 2006). This will be further helpful for improving the weakness and being more productive for the customers.