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  本篇格拉斯哥市论文代写-电子商务系统讲了电子商务系统被称为一组在线技术或工具,企业使用这些技术或工具通过互联网进行运营。这些系统可以帮助公司在数据库中维护信息的同时与最终消费者连接,处理订单。在这一分析中,使用了国际知名的思科公司。思科公司使用电子商务系统。本分析的目的是探讨公司目前使用的系统,并为公司提出改进流程的建议。本篇格拉斯哥市论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  E-business system is known as a set of online technologies or tools that are used by a business to conduct its operation by using the Internet. These systems are found to help the company connect with the end consumers to process orders while it maintains information in a database. In this analysis, the internationally renowned company Cisco Company is used. The company Cisco uses e-business systems. The purpose of this analysis is to probe into the current systems that are used by the companies and develop recommendation for the company to improve the processes.

  Existing E-Business System used by Cisco

  Cisco needs to find ways to sustain in the competitive climate. The company looks for ways to continually improve its processes and agility. The company was found to face impediments of the process by developing a customized supply chain management (SCM). The company uses the Oracle e-Business Suite 11i. In this paradigm, the company can create 2500 customized solutions, and develop 250 custom applications in over 19 databases. Nevertheless, the IT department was not able to cater to the business requirement. The business was not able to ensure that they could respond to the market transitions and opportunities. The company needs to bring in transformation that is more about a new process or a new system (Lin, at al. 2009). The company needs to also achieve business results by the process of planning and execution.

  Drawbacks of the existing system

  It cannot be refuted that Cisco is known for its pioneering innovation and use of latest technology. Cisco is considered to be a world leader in the enterprise network solutions. They have used the in-house IT Hadoop Platform and data sets to connect with the customer and network activities. There are also terabytes stored to address the needs of the unstructured data that include the weblogs and documents. These are used by the company to maintain a competitive advantage. However, the company needs to create a paradigm where the transformation is about installation of a newer system that works cohesively with the business requirements. The business aspect of the company needs to comingle with the IT department. This is imperative in creating a supply chain transformation for the company. The company wants a more robust system to meet their targets.

  There are two basic approaches that are currently designed to develop a cognitive based recommended system for the people. There is the collaborative filtering method and the content-based approach (Hoffman et al. 2016). These are all extremely intricate and complex. It would require funding and also time to meet the project proposals for the company. The following section explores about the ways to improve the e-business process for the company.