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  本篇格拉斯哥市论文代写-平衡计分卡讲了会计的工作不仅限于管理一个组织的账目、审计和税务。具体来说,管理上述组织中每个员工的个人绩效是一项艰巨的任务。一个会计不可能处理这么多的记录。这就是会计系统发挥作用的地方。它的程序是熟练地处理和安排组织资源的方式,以帮助会计专业人员在没有任何困难的情况下完成他们的工作。自从这一想法提出以来,许多技术、框架和工具已经发展到目前为止,以协助管理官员对每一个人以及整个组织进行基于业绩的分析。管理这样一个目的的框架之一是平衡计分卡。本篇格拉斯哥市论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The work of an accountant is not limited only to managing the accounts, audits, and taxes of an organization. It is to be specific, and managing the individual performance of every employee in the said organization is a huge task to perform. It is impossible for an individual accountant to handle such large amount of records. This is where the accounting system comes in aid. It is programmed to adeptly handle and arrange organizational resources in such a way that aids in the accountant professionals to deliver their part of the job without any difficulties. Since this idea was developed, many techniques, frameworks, and tools have evolved so far to assist the managerial officials in the performance-based analysis of each, as well as the entire organization as a whole. One of the frameworks that manage one such purpose is the balanced scorecard (Iwaarden and Wiele, 2006). Originally, the idea of scorecards was developed as a performance measurement tool, but with the passing time, it is associated more as a tool to implement business strategies. It acts as an administration scaffold with the perspective to categorize and take advantage of organization’s prime value drivers to their excellent tactical improvement. Many organizations realize more and more that their strategic value resides mostly in their people, systems, process and innovations. It can be seen that the organizations can integrate the potential of these intangibles in their scorecard. The evaluation of individual employees based on their scorecard is dependent on the integration and strategic contribution of every employee based on these key factors:

  Firstly, it assists to guarantee uniformity and configuration amid the non-financial and the financial procedures, which aids to smooth the progress of the arrangement of the measures and line of attack.

  Secondly, it assists in recognizing and measuring the specific assessment that highlights individual performance. Managers are thus allowed to test their hypothesis on the driving force of the organizational outcomes (Maddux, 2006).

  The balanced scorecard is used to link plan of action to wherewithal and then to performance procedures, and guides on the strategy mapping process to ensure full-bodied cause-and-effect association. Nevertheless, this is just another of a hugely ranged variety of an accounting system that an organization accepts in Performance Management. It is very important to implement all the other accounting systems with the balanced scorecard system to encounter a full-bodied impact on the improvement of performance of the individual employees, resulting in the improvement in the performance of the entire organization.