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eurissen和van Luijk(2010)认为,一个国家的文化与其管理者的道德行为有关。这种行为通过两种关键方式反映出来。第一种是通过企业的声明和管理者的道德行为。第二种方法是收集一组伦理态度和价值观。文化不能一概而论,这是国际管理者所关心的问题。这是因为文化代表了价值观和思维模式,不同的人有不同的价值观和思维模式。不同文化背景的人思维方式和行为方式不同,伦理道德也因此受到不同的看待。由此可见,伦理对不同文化的影响是不同的

个人陈述代写 :跨文化差异和冲突的案例分析

例如,在美国,消费者更了解他们所购买产品的国家来源。美国政府为全球企业提供了巨大的支持。美国公司在其全球业务中,不允许从事在美国非法的活动(Kohls and Buller, 2014)。此外,在世界任何地方行贿以获得此类业务,都可能导致公司管理人员被处以巨额罚款和监禁。然而,在其他国家,情况就不一样了。贿赂是生活的一部分,没有贿赂企业就无法运营。在这种情况下,公司不支付适当的贿赂,他们可能面临失败。因此,这个例子说明了跨文化差异。


个人陈述代写 :跨文化差异和冲突的案例分析

According to Jeurissen and van Luijk (2010), culture of a country is related to the ethical behaviour of its managers. This behaviour is reflected through two key ways. First way is through the corporate statements and managers’ actions about ethics. Second way is by collecting group of ethical attitudes and values. Culture cannot be defined universally, which is a concern for the international managers. This is due to the fact that culture represents the values and thinking patterns, which is different for different people. People belonging to different cultures think and behave differently due to which ethics are also viewed in a different way. Therefore, it can be indicated that the ethics influence different cultures differently .

个人陈述代写 :跨文化差异和冲突的案例分析

For instance, in the United States of America, the consumers know more about the national origin of the products they take. The US Government offer huge support to the global businesses. The US companies, in their global operations, are not allowed to engage in the activities that are illegal in the USA (Kohls and Buller, 2014). Also, offering bribery to obtain such a business in any part of world can lead to hefty fines and jail term for the company officers. However, in other countries, the situation is not same. The bribery is part of the fabric of life and businesses cannot operate without it. In case, the companies do not pay the appropriate bribery they can face failure. Therefore, this example is an indication of the cross-culture differences.
When businesses insist its employees to follow ethical business practices, the cross-cultural conflicts may arise. In some cultures, government agents seek businesses to provide bonuses to the employees to fasten the approval of requests such as permit. But government official may view these payments as illegal money or bribes, which is prohibited in the case of the USA. The violation of law can trigger heavy fines, as already discussed in the above section. Therefore, the multinational corporations are required to provide anti-bribery training to their employees so that they can handle requests for contributions.