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个人陈述代写 :艺术家创造形式的批判性分析

Paolozzi wanted to mix fine art and everyday objects. In 1960 the world saw a new age of consumerism. It was celebrated in the pop culture. The people around the world embraced the new emergence of consumerism. Many of the pop artists including Paolozzi have embraced this artistic notion. He has also created a number of successful critically acclaimed works (Lichtenstein 51). Public has also embraced these artistic concepts. This art form is also widely popular in the current times. In spite of these obvious accolades and acclaims there is some criticism in this process. Alternate views of these art forms are discussed in the following.
Many of the art critics question the validity of materialism. There are a lot of elements in the popular art that embraces materialism. This materialism concept has profoundly impacted the works of Paolozzi. There is a shift in his ideologies and a transformation that is seen in his artistic expressions. Essentially surrealism artists he had created new relatable art forms. In some depictions of his work there is intense surrealism that can be observed. However, in the case of some works like the collage creations of the artist, there is a lot of emphasis given to the materialism. This is a point of intrigue and also a point that is perplexing to the viewer. Even though the artist has tried to portray the positive elements of consumerism there is also hidden connotations that mock the consumerism process. The artists have undergone a number of issues in his early life (Lichtenstein 67). It seems as if the artists have a disdain and respect for consumerism. This is seen in his expressions. He had used art for commercial purposes in order to spread the concept of art to the majority. It seems as if the artists have used commercialism to spread knowledge about pop art. The key theme that has been observed is the aspect of reliability. When explaining about alternate views of the artistic works of Paolozzi it can be understood that there has already been multiple interpretations. Paolozzi wanted to embrace surrealism and create a new artistic expression. Modes of expressions are also expressed in the artist’s evolvement and changes in ideology are also expressed. However, it should also be noted that mass production of art makes art homogenized. There will be no unique art pieces. It will be more trade and advertisements campaigns that will be developed form the art forms. This ubiquitous presence of art as envisioned by Paolozzi can create a situation where there is more emphasis given to the trade and commerce. Impact of fine arts and beauty of art can be reduced or lost in this process of mass commercialization.