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个人陈述:《Make Me》原声版和翻唱版的比较分析

《Make Me》是布兰妮·斯皮尔斯的主打单曲,改编自当代流行音乐。这首歌于2016年7月15日发行,实际的录音采用了中速民谣风格,有一些原始的音乐让它变得很美。这篇文章描述了这首歌的原版和其他版本,这些版本往往使它在编曲方面听起来不同,给听者带来不同的情感。在此基础上,对原曲与其他版本的评价和比较进行了研究和提出,以便对音乐进行深入的分析。

《Make Me》的原声版由凯莉·罗兹演唱,在某些时候只有女主唱和合唱。这位演员的优美嗓音也为简单的安排增添了美感(Rhodes, 2016)。和弦很简单,而且音域并不大。这是一个纯粹的人才,这是推广在这个版本与原声吉他在钢琴。

个人陈述 :《Make Me》原声版和翻唱版的比较分析

《Make Me by Britney Spears》的翻唱版是由Nicholas Connell完成的。可以看出,在和声、旋律、整体伴奏等方面,原曲与原曲略有配合。虽然原版的布兰妮·斯皮尔斯的节奏比较快,但这是一个慢节奏的民谣版本,有简单的钢琴音符。时间0:50 – 1:10是旋律开始吸引听众的地方(Connell, 2016)。这首歌在钢琴上的音域是一样的,但在这段时间里,它加入了更多的节拍。在这个阶段可以观察到声音的掩蔽。这听起来确实很吸引人。


个人陈述 :《Make Me》原声版和翻唱版的比较分析

Make Me is a lead single by Britney Spears that originates from contemporary pop version. It was released on July 15, 2016 and the actual recording has a midtempo ballad style followed and there is certain raw music that makes it beautiful. This paper describes about this original version and other versions of the same song that tend to make it sound different in terms of orchestration and brings a different emotion to the mind of listener. Further, the evaluation and comparisons between the original and other versions are studied and presented for in depth analysis of music.

The acoustic version of Make Me was performed by Cally Rhodes and it is only female lead and chorus at certain times. The pretty voice of this performer also adds beauty to the simple arrangement (Rhodes, 2016). The chords are very simple and the register does not have a big job. It is a pure talent that is being promoted in this version along with acoustic guitar in piano.

个人陈述 :《Make Me》原声版和翻唱版的比较分析

The cover version of the song Make Me by Britney Spears is done by Nicholas Connell. One can observe that the original version slightly matches with this in terms of harmony, the melody and the overall accompaniment involved. While the rhythm of Britney Spears in original version is quite faster, this one is a slow ballad version with simple piano notes. The time 0:50 – 1:10 is where the melody begins to attract the minds of the listener (Connell, 2016). The register for this song is the same in piano but during this time period, there are some more beats added to it. Masking of the voice can be observed at this stage. This is indeed fascinating to listen.
Between 1:50 and 2:10 of this song, the rhythm gets a new and faster style. This is not the same as in original version as it is possible to see couple of new rhythms and styles being added here to make it sound even soothing and at the same time, sexy. It is male lead throughout this ballad cover version and the harmonies are entirely at the same level that makes it unique and mesmerizing.