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这次网络研讨会的重点是讨论工作场所的演变,从人力资源管理的不同方面,如组织文化和绩效管理,特别是2016年。本讨论的主要目的是介绍一些最大化成功范围的行动。罗宾·斯库林(Robin school)和埃里克·鲍尔(Eric Bauer)提供了有见地的信息。


公司管理学论文代写 :网络研讨会总结


公司管理学论文代写 :网络研讨会总结

The Webinar focuses on discussing about the evolution of work place, in terms of different aspects of HRM such as organizational culture and performance management with specific focus on the year 2016. The main purpose of this discussion is presenting certain actions for maximizing the scope of success. The insightful information has been provided by Robin Schooling and Eric Bauer.
Highlighting the current condition of performance management, this Webinar has provided information on how positive feedback and crowd sourced recognition contribute in the improvement of this process. Further ahead, the Webinar has provided recommendations for next practical steps in performance management, from the perspective of business leaders, managers and HR department.

公司管理学论文代写 :网络研讨会总结

The Webinar further highlights several examples of companies opting different approaches of performance management. It has been highlighted that the GE executive has taken the decision to scrap the yearly raise in order to maintain rethinking processes and flexibility in defining the rewards. Performance management has been defined from the perspective of managing human resource. It has been defined as a crucial mechanism to drive professional growth and talent development across the work force of an organization. It is considered as an aspect of Human Resource and yet, has a significant impact on the organization as it enhances performance of the work force.