Assignment First





This assignment would look into the seven principles of learning. By means of task analysis we would find the missing skills which I must obtain so as to be suitable for the job of an investment banker. The requirements for an investment banker would be discussed and the skills which I currently possess would also be discussed. Then on the basis of their comparison the missing skills would be worked out. How to obtain the missing skills would also be discussed in order to increase my chances of being employed for the profile of an investment banker.

Many students after completing their higher studies or graduation from the university tend to look and apply for several jobs in their area of expertise or study. There is a possibility that the graduates do have required skills for a specific job but there could be instances that they won’t possess skills in a specific area. Hence, it is crucial from the perspective of the student to be aware of which skills are essential when they apply for a particular job. In case, they don’t have the required set of skills and it is essential that they must be aware of this gap(Goldstein 1986). Moreover, they should work towards obtaining these skills so as to fill this gap thus allowing them to be a better candidate for a specific job.