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Ideology only arises where there are social conditions such as those produced by private property that are vulnerable to criticism and protest; ideology exists to inure these social conditions from attack by those who are disadvantaged by them. Capitalist ideologies give an inverted explanation for market relations, for example, so that human beings perceive their actions as the consequence of economic factors, rather than the other way around, and moreover, thereby understand the market to be natural and inevitable.

According to the view of Marxists law has a basis over the proletariat will to be flexible but not inconsistent with a flexibility that has a denial over legal system needs. However, legislations need to possess elasticity of the maximum nature and hence it is not possible for the low classes to fetter away from the class dominant society and its nature.

Law as a tool of Class Domination

In the society, the non-legal aspects help in shaping and influencing legality and in turn law consists has an impact over the change in society and the society itself. This impact is not just an effective result of complete judgments but is a culture of political situation that is produced by the systems that are legal itself.

Law of Marxist and law of humanist secularism have grounded to deny that God exists and further denies the belief that systems in the society have a consistent evolution. This denial implies Marxists and the humanists of secularism to have a dependency on positivism of legal framework as the law base. The version of Marxism with regard to positivist legalism collaborates the class consciousness feature with the role of state making it the proletarian class rule. Additionally, the class which is working has to rule within the political party guidance making the party have the concluding authority over moral and law. When in the society, individuals adhere to a certain ideology of arbitrariness determining a law state then laws are developed to prejudice against the views that are opposed. In this society, there does not remain any freedom and every citizen has to abide by the laws in the class dominated society. Therefore, law in such conditions or in all conditions in the society today acts as a tool of class domination.