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  本篇利物浦论文代写-哈伯德人力资源管理讲了哈伯德实践的理论之一是人力资本理论。人力资本理论是指员工的知识、社会习俗和个人属性的理论。这些都是管理层精心设计的,以增加员工对公司的支持。哈伯德采取了一系列举措,让公司的员工感到被包括在内。这反映在他剪掉领带以减少公司的恐吓程度时的态度上。本篇利物浦论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Hubbard Human Resource Management

  Dick Hubbard is a small business owner and entrepreneur and he manages Hubbard Foods. The management style of Hubbard human resource management has been detailed in the following.

  Critical Analysis of Hubbard Human Resource Management

  One of the theories that Hubbard practices is the human capital theory. This human capital theory is the theory that refers to the knowledge of the employee, social customs and individual attributes. These are specifically crafted by the management to increase the patronage towards the companies by the employees. Hubbard takes a number of initiatives to make the employees of the company feel included. This is reflected in the manner when he cuts of his tie to reduce the intimidation level in the company. This human capital is the focus of this management. Human capital theory cannot be quantified easily. It refers to the collective philosophy of the company (Boxall & Purcell, 2011). This is reflected in the goals of the nation or portion of the company. This theory is used to signify the value system of the company (Barzelay, 2001). In this process of development, it is plausible to overlook the individual talents of the company. This is also reflected in some of the practices of the company. While dealing with some of the issues of the company, it is evident that Hubbard uses the contingency model of business.

  Contingency theory is about the idea that the success of the leader depends on how the people deal with a specific situation. The success of the failure of the situation depends on how the individual leader chooses to act in the situation. The personality of the leader, specific circumstances surrounding the leader and the people who work for the leader of the company reflect upon the practices. In this case when there was economic decline, union worker issues the personality of Hubbard stood in the decision-making process. The final outcome depends on the specific situation and the viewpoint of the author. However, it cannot be refuted that the final outcome was a reflection of the personality of Hubbard and the specific circumstances. Owing to this, it can be alluded that the leadership practice of the company is contingent based on the circumstances. Added to this, the company has created a niche consumer market for their cereal. These can be termed under the resource based view approach.

  The company has focused on achieving the competitive advantage to increase the consumer patronage for their products. These have been mixed with the competitive environment of the firm. It is evident that the company has managed to sustain in the markets owing to this management strategy. It can be summarized that the company uses these three theories to make their own management philosophy.