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留学论文代写 :法国餐馆的氛围装饰和食物质量



留学论文代写 :法国餐馆的氛围装饰和食物质量

The location of the restaurant was found in Flinder’s lane. It matches to the ambiance of the street. The décor of the restaurant was modern. There were plenty of parking spaces nearby and there is easy access to the restaurant from Collins Street and from the Parliament station.
The dining room at the restaurant balances the Parisian Charm with contemporary accents. They have a red leather banquette, marble bar that adds to the Parisian charm. There are a number of quaint little accents that add to the ambience of the place. Apart from this, there is a Moroccan style screen and a kind of pipes that is found across the ceilings. There is the showcasing of the fine wines at every turn. There are the cabinets that are backlit and the wall of champagne bottle that stretches across the ceiling. There is a lined topped table with mezzanine that adds charm to the intimate gathering.
The only negative with the ambience was the lighting. The lighting of the place could have been a bit brighter. The menu cards were barely readable.
The service staffs were attentive and also respected our privacy. The waitresses had a heavy French accent that makes it difficult to understand. However, having these waitresses adds to the authentic French ambience. All these factors added to the image of the place. There were a number of other restaurants in Flinder’s lane that offers similar service. Somehow it was felt that the experience in this restaurant was unique.

留学论文代写 :法国餐馆的氛围装饰和食物质量

They had tried to maintain the French cuisine and everything on the menu was related to the French fare. The entrée deserves a special mention. There were many menu choices. The terrine plate, French onion soup and the steak tartare were also tried. The mains were a delectable pick of fillet, hanger or the minute steak. There was also the pork belly with a black pudding croquette that was heavily recommended. There were also options of the bouillabaisse and special fish. Side of crisp frites adds to the overall taste of the restaurant. I felt that they stayed true to the French cuisine. It was flavourful. To summarize the food stayed true to the original French cuisine.
There was a long wine list that had differentiated pricing. There were the affordable local wines as well as the vintage champagnes. Grand cru Burgundies was also mentioned in the wines. There were also the express lunch options that were found in the menu.