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  本篇留学 论文代写-循环经济讲了目前流行的重建计划主要是提高设备的使用寿命。这些帮助更新的产品与购买新机器的成本。材料和构件的再利用是为了提高材料的利用率和能源的利用率。制造和重建计划有助于确保最大的生产力。这有助于开发具有成本效益的性能。本篇留学 论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  These are contemplated to be the recycled materials that are used in the markets. However, the use of the products would create a newer paradigm and increase the product life cycle extension. The idea of repair and refurbishing of the services is not a new ideology (Wenbo, 2011). These are already in use in many of the companies and also used in many of the manufacturing systems (Sauvé, Bernard and Sloan, 2016.). Several multinational companies that have been able to address the needs of the people and also secure their assets in the process. The idea of the circular economy is to guarantee that these are the lower-cost products with shorter downtime. These are found to be quick and dependable services options (Deleplace and Nell, 2016). The rebuilding programs that are in vogue are focused on the improvement of the lifespan of the equipment. These aids for the updating of the products with the cost of buying a newer machine. The reuse of the materials and components is used to increase the use of the materials and the efficient energy. The manufacturing and the rebuilding programs aid in the process of ensuring maximum productivity. This aids the development of the cost-effective performance.

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  While there was discussion about bikes within the group, it was felt that most of the bikes can be reused. This is based on the observations of the members of the group. It is evident with the current data that man-made waste has been on the rise. This is mainly owing to the mass production and the tenets of the capitalism. Owing to this, a model is needed to find ways that are effective. In addition, it is to find a model where the issues of sustainability are factored. The human needs are on the rise. An exponential rise has been observed in the society with respect to the finite resources in the society. In this process, a greater efficiency is needed. The emerging economies and the rise in the middle class have been an increase in the consumer anticipation. The business models must factor in the tenets of the basic sustainability and increase in the profits. One of the main sources of inspiration for understanding about how the circular economy works was done by the analysis of Caterpillar Company. It can be found that the company tries a number of unique models to increase the innovation and product extensions. These show the innate ways in which the companies can embrace the newer paradigm. Their established success also shows that the models are feasible. The company is a proven example of how the green processes works in the current times. Based on this ideology and personal viewpoints, the ideas were to extend the lifecycle of the product.