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在中国,有一些少数民族存在。重视民族、起源、传承和文化(盛、周、李,2011)。没有统一的文化实践,它是根据不同的民族而不同的。然而,人们发现,人们尊重文化和遗产。由于这个因素,对传统服装的需求很大(Sheng, Zhou & Li, 2011)。服装反映了中国的社会价值观。由于服饰对土著文化的重要意义,人们对服饰给予了极大的重视。可支配收入增加了,因此人们购买了更多的产品。这两个因素的结合有望提高SEED等本土公司的销量。


世界上已有190个国家在该国建立了外国直接投资(FDI)。对外直接投资也是人民收入的重要来源。在过去的25年里,中国取得了巨大的发展。27%的增加值来自中国(Fidrmuc, Korhonen, & Batorova, 2013)。国内生产总值(GDP)有所增长;由于这个因素,人民的可支配收入有了很大的增加。有一种趋势是,中国企业往往在市场上表现良好(Fidrmuc, Korhonen, & Batorova, 2013)。这使得世界各国的商业运作更加便利。然而在2015年,中国市场出现了经济危机。这影响了世界各国。这引起了人们对中国企业的担忧。尽管如此,中国仍有大量投资。由于目前的市场波动,公司需要对市场动态保持警惕。


留学生作业代写 :服装市场受多种因素的影响

In China a number of small ethnic groups exist in the country. There is importance given to ethnicity, origin, heritage and culture (Sheng, Zhou & Li, 2011). There is no homogenous cultural practice it differs based on the ethnic groups. However it has been found that the people respect culture and heritage. Owing to this factor there has been a great demand for traditional attire (Sheng, Zhou & Li, 2011). Attire is a reflection of the societal values of China. There is great importance given to attire and clothing because of the significance it has on the indigenous culture. There has been increase in disposable income hence people buy more of the products. Combination of both these factors is expected to increase sales of local companies like SEED.

There is adequate infrastructure to promote trade and commerce business operations. There is a strong labour market for the garments industry. Supply chain management and logistics management is easier because of the existence of proper infrastructure like Rail and road system in China (Luo & lu, 2012). Private ownership has also caused increase in technology and innovation in the State. Subsequent to this factor it can be understood that Chinese markets. Technological factor aids in growth of indigenous companies operating in China.

190 countries around the world have established FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in the country. Outbound FDI is also a major source of income for the people. There has been tremendous growth in China for the past 25 years. 27% of the value added production is from China (Fidrmuc, Korhonen, & Bátorová, 2013). There is increase in GDP (Gross Domestic Product); disposable income of the people has increased considerably owing to this factor. There is a tendency that Chinese Corporations tend to perform well in the markets (Fidrmuc, Korhonen, & Bátorová, 2013). This causes easier facilitation of business operations in countries around the world. However in the year 2015 there was economic crisis in Chinese markets. This had affected countries around the world. This has caused apprehensions in the minds of people regarding Chinese companies. Nevertheless there is still a lot of investment that is going on in China. Companies need to be alert regarding the market dynamics due to the current Market volatility.
From the PEST analysis it can be concluded that the social, technological factors aid to the growth of companies such as SEED. However there is some political instability and the recent economic crisis in the Chinese markets is a cause of concern for foreign investors. This also can affect the local production of indigenous companies.