Assignment First

  本篇伦敦论文代写-服务市场审计讲了服务企业必须在激烈的市场竞争中不断提高服务营销水平。与以产品为基础的公司不同,服务公司处理的是无形的产品,因此在进行营销时必须加倍小心。本报告为宝瓶座健康和Medispa服务公司进行了市场审计,并在分析的基础上提出了建议。本篇伦敦论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Service firms must work on improving their service marketing continuously in the context of intense competition. Unlike product based firms, service firms deal with an intangible product and hence must be twice as careful when it comes to working on their marketing. A marketing audit has been conducted in this report for a service firm Aquarius Health and Medispa and recommendations based on analysis have been made.

  Aquarius Health and Medispa in Brisbane city is the service business firm on which an auditing is going to be carried out. The Aquarius Health and Medispa is in a central location in Brisbane. It is not just a spa service centre it also offers services in the form of cosmetic fittings as well procedures for its more aging clientele. The website clearly states that Aquarius is a unique place because of its dual integrated product offerings the guests would both be able to take part in traditional and luxurious spa treatments and at the same time also get state of the art facial treatment. In the traditional spa therapies, Aq provides Asian bathhouse style of spa, a physiotherapy centre for relaxation, a fitness centre for the clients would like to keep a gym routine with the Medispa etc. (Aquarius, 2017)

  Service auditing: 7P’s Marketing Analysis

  The service market auditing is carried out using the 7P’s of marketing, such as product, price, place, promotions, people, process, and physical facilities. In the auditing done with these seven characteristics, it is also essential to include an assessment of the characteristics of services of the company to see how they have met each of the marketing 7P’s.