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  本篇伦敦论文代写-殖民主义讲了研究的目的是了解殖民和太平洋岛民之间存在的关系。这一问题需要详细研究太平洋岛屿的历史以及殖民主义对人口的影响。太平洋岛屿包括23个以上的其他岛屿,这些岛屿被统称为太平洋。由于内战和导致人口崩溃和文化遗产转移的流行病,殖民主义自过去以来一直存在。本篇伦敦论文代写由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The research aims to understand the relationship that existed between Colonization and Pacific Islanders. This subject requires a detailed study of the history of Pacific Islands and impacts that colonialism had on the population.

  Pacific Islands comprise of over 23 other islands that were collectively regarded and categorized under Pacific Ocean. Colonialism was found to exist since the past due to the civil war and epidemics that led to population crash and shift in cultural legacy.

  To examine the relationship, it is ideal to analyse the presence of colonialism in every Pacific Island (for example, Guam, Easter). This helps in better interpretation (Howe, 2003). Colonialism by default implies the intervention of unexpected and irrelevant source of power. It is seen that Pacific Islands initially faced the intervention of French government and this should be discussed during the research.

  Yet another theory to be analysed in the research is the pattern of administration. Tonga was the only one island to remain under the protection of British. The other islands had different colonial administration patterns. There are 2 more subjects that are essential for this study. These include the relationship after World War I and World War II.

  The final paradigm to evaluate the research is to observe the relationship in terms of economic, social, cultural, technological and governmental impacts. These variables help in accurate interpretation of the lives of Pacific Islanders and the mishaps/ benefits of colonization.