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为PIP选择的主题区域是了解邮轮租赁。PIP只专注于Airbnb上的巡洋舰租赁服务,Airbnb上的服务以及为什么要使用租赁服务。Airbnb上的巡洋舰租赁服务允许不同的船主和代表更大的商业服务的营销代理在Airbnb上宣传他们的服务(Guttentag, 2015)。业务、业务模型、位置和更多信息对客户可用。客户将有权访问上述信息和更多信息。根据这些信息,顾客将选择他们想要什么样的邮轮服务。邮轮所处的社会环境,商业广告和信息共享中可以注意到的社会因素,都会影响顾客的选择。同样,消费者的经济状况和文化原因也会影响消费者的选择。和平方案旨在了解这些原因。


本研究考虑的文化因素是了解客户和社会经济和文化的影响,使他们选择游轮的其他形式的停留和目的地。一方面,有人认为,人们从事航海和其他形式的创新停留,是为了确保他们获得与城市生活方式不同的生活体验;然而,游轮并不是一种游牧的体验,在这种背景下,有必要考虑人们是否选择游轮,因为它与他们的生活方式更不同,因为它更高端。文化和社会效应的课程概念是用来理解这一点的。此外,本研究还将试图了解在东西方生活方式差异的背景下,跨文化效应将如何存在(Shepherd, 2002)。虽然Airbnb网站和游轮是在美国的背景下考虑的,但靠近亚洲沿海城市的游轮也是在美国的背景下考虑的。这将有助于加强研究人员目前的学习,并在未来可以有用的了解跨文化元素,从其他国家。

论文抄袭 :PIP选择邮轮租赁为主题区域的原因分析

The topic area that has been selected for the PIP is that of understanding the cruise renting. PIP is only focused on the cruiser renting services that have been put up on Airbnb, service on Airbnb and why the renting service is made use of. Cruiser renting services on the Airbnb allow for different boat owners and marketing agents acting on behalf of bigger business services to advertise their service on Airbnb (Guttentag, 2015). The business, the model of the business, the location and more information are available to the customer. The customer will have access to the above information and more. Based on the information, the customer will then make their choice as to what form of cruise service they would like. The customer’s choice would be influenced by the social situation of where the cruise is situated, the social elements that can be noticed in the business advertisement and information sharing. Similarly, the economic situation of the consumer and cultural reasons will also contribute to customer choice. The PIP aims to understand these reasons.

People who are travelling are often seen to suffer inconvenience in the form of finding out renting and lodging in different locations, while some of the rent and lodgings are feasible for them most time than not; the people who find reasonable and economic lodgings might still end up taking them only for functionality. In this context, this research PIP attempts to understand the social patterns of a completely opposite segment of consumer who might still worry about prices, but not as much when they up to using their time renting cruises. Functional reasons for staying in such a location could mean the person travels to the location for some other reasons and then makes use of the cruise, such as business reasons and more. However, as research, media reports and personal opinions suggest users might take up cruising for mostly leisure time activities.

The cultural components that are considered in this research are that of understanding the customer and the socio-economic and cultural impact that makes them choose cruises to other form of stays and destinations. At one end, it has been argued that people take up sailing and other forms of innovative stays in order to ensure they get a different living experience compared to their urban lifestyle; however, a cruise is not a nomadic experience and in this context it is necessary to consider if people choose cruises because it is more different from their lifestyle as in being more high end. Course concepts of culture and social effects are used to understand this. Furthermore, the research will also attempt to understand how cross cultural effects will exist in the context of differences in life style in the East and the West (Shepherd, 2002). While the Airbnb site and the cruises are considered in the context of the United States, cruises near an Asian coastal city are also considered in context. This will help enhance current learning of researcher and in future can be useful to understand cross cultural elements from other nations too.