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我认为公司官员提供的好主意是值得赞赏的。这个地方的交通问题越来越严重。这是因为城市建设项目数量的巨大增长(Druckman, 1977)。本项目的实施将进一步增加城市交通的风险。此外,我还谈到了同样的原因可能对环境造成的危害。

论文重复率 :社区规划师谈判过程中提出的问题

我明确表示,我不希望这座城市的文化像美国迪士尼那样被彻底根除。我说过,无论我们将要进行什么发展,我们都将确保在保护我们的文化的情况下进行每一项工作。对于公园或任何纪念碑,我们都想在同样的地方反映我们的文化。我不希望我的城市的人们只是为游客和游客服务,在那里和周围的地方。我希望这个城市能够持续不断地反映这个地方的文化。在每一次变革中,我们都希望我们的文化能以更好的方式得到反映。我需要确保我所在城市的人们不会被要求为其他游客服务,这些游客将参观主题公园和其他景点,这是《龙之世界计划》(Durst, 1999)所规定的。我进一步暗示龙的世界,人们的农业生活不应该受到任何代价的影响。此外,不应该把每一件事都奉献给城市的新建设。

论文重复率 :社区规划师谈判过程中提出的问题

I brought in front the view point of the farmers according to which they say that the young residents in the town would not be able to afford the purchasing of the land in their area, after they are able to seek their own households.I also addressed to the dragon world that how important it is for the young residents who are there in the town to affording the purchase of land in the areas. I explained them that after the deal, the farmers in the town will not be able to establish their own household. And they would be forced to move to the different areas. It is very vital to serve the family ties in the present times as well. I also made them aware about the recent influx of Chinese workers who have migrated to the town and have further increased the pressure on the houses .
I thought appreciated for the good thought which the company’s officials had provided. There was an increasing problem related to the traffic in the place. This was because of the huge rise on the number of construction projects in the city (Druckman, 1977). The implementation of the present project would further increase the risk of the traffic in the city. Moreover, I addressed about the harms which may be there to the environment because of the same.

论文重复率 :社区规划师谈判过程中提出的问题

I specified that I do not want the city’s culture to be completely eradicated similar to that what had been done by Disney in America. I stated that in whatever developments we are going into, we would be making sure that we undertake each and everything with the protection of our culture. For the parks or any monument, we want the reflection of our culture in the same. I do not want that the people of my city just work to serve the visitors and the travellers who are there in and around the place. I want that the city continuously and consistently reflect the culture of the place. In each and every change, we want our culture to be reflected in a better manner. I need to ensure that the people of my city are not being asked to serve the other visitors who would be visiting the theme parks and the other sites, as it has been specified by the Dragon world plan (Durst, 1999).I further intimated Dragon world that the agricultural life of the people should not be impacted at any cost. Furthermore, it should not happen that each and everything is dedicated towards the new construction in the city.