Assignment First

  本篇論文代筆-公民新聞講了公民新聞有優點也有侷限性。他們在自然災害期間爲社區甚至新聞界服務。社交媒體中的live feed選項使人們能夠應對這些變化。政治活動人士也扮演着這樣的角色,他們利用這種媒體作爲工具,展示某些政治制度對社會造成的真實影響。本篇論文代筆文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  They are found doctored in many cases and the people may wind up being affected. There is also intrusive violence against privacy and the basic dignity of the people. There are video and live feed that portrays people indulging in their private pleasures (Paulussen & Ugille, 2008). They are wantonly creating an image of a person which is not their true self. The people use these live feed to threaten the people or use it as a leverage. These actions cause the credibility of the system in itself to be questioned.

  There are legal repercussions in some cases. The people state the freedom of the press to process events that are not true (Carpenter, 2010). They used to defame the people and often indulge in libel. There is confusion and a nuanced line that the legislation draws for these citizen journalism. The government cannot afford to shut down citizen journalism and at the same time expect the people to indulge in libel against people they do not like.

  Many people in the citizen journalism try to gain popularity by posting content and looking at the view counts. After a certain number of view counts is reached, the people are given money. For this monitory advantage, some people indulge in unwarranted actions.


  It is quite clear that citizen journalism has advantages and limitations. They serve the communities and even the press during the times of natural disasters. The live feed option in the social media enables the people to address the changes. There is also the role of the political activists using this media as a tool to show the real impact that certain political institutions causes in the society. The citizen journalism has existed over centuries they have garnered more responses in the current times owing to their role in the social media. Not all citizen journalism is ethical or altruistic. Some are done for libel, personal vengeance, intrusion of privacy. The credibility of the sources also cannot be verified in these cases. Hence the role of the citizen journalism depends on the user. The benefits outweigh the limitations. Hence citizen journalism can be a credible form of journalism and is a mandatory requirement for the freedom of the press. The people should be encouraged to use this freedom properly and ethically.