Assignment First


許多研究人員認為,捕殺鯊魚是一種完全不道德的行為,大自然為人類和其他動物提供了多種共存的方式。許多評論家甚至沖浪者都不建議捕殺動物,而是建議同居共存。當這些人進入水中時,他們意識到這是我們在分享他們的水域,我們怎麽能想到殺死他們的方式讓我們想到把他們列入瀕危物種的行列呢?殺戮並不是唯一的選擇,可以使用無害的威懾物,如電流、合金和化學品。簡單地說,蚊帳、意識和教育也起到了作用(Gales, Hindell和Kirkwood, 2003)。

論文代筆 筆:有關捕殺鯊魚的道德行為的討論分析

It needs to be emphasized on and understood that the shark bites and the shark attacks do not pose as big a threat as other things in the country. And Australia being a country where people on a general note are concerned about the nature and its being, it becomes very difficult to understand the true reason as to why these animals are being mercilessly killed in such great numbers. Thus the line which separates the hunter and the hunted get blurred, and the question remains, who is hunting whom?
Since sharks are a group of man eating animals what needs to be understood is that such attacks will continue to happen even if they are very few in number. Quite a number of people live near the coastline and a major population comes to the shares for recreational activities. Thus in a situation like this when the sharks are merely occupying the natural habitat, what rights do humans have to kill them for doing so, and at the same time what could be a better response to the threats that the government feel that the local face because of the sharks. Sharks and their numbers have been declining as 73 million are killed each year with 90% of them lost already. The world cannot afford to lose more sharks (Hammer, n.d.).
Many of the researchers feel that shark culling is an act which is completely unethical and that nature has provided with various other ways in which the humans and the other animals can co-exist. Many commentators and even the surfers do not suggest killing of the animals and suggest co-habitance and co-existence. When these people get into the water they realize that it is us sharing their water domain, how can we even think of killing them in a manner which is making US think about enlisting them in the endangered species category? Killing is not the only option, harmless deterrents such as electrical current, alloys, and chemicals can be used. Simply the nets and awareness and education serve the purpose too (Gales, Hindell and Kirkwood, 2003).