Assignment First

  本篇論文代筆-玉山自行車讲了玉山自行車,是自行車的主要製造商之一,到目前爲止,通過增加對該公司提供的各種產品系列(包括傳統自行車和電動自行車)的需求,一直在尋求國際擴張的戰略(巴特利特和邁爾斯,2017)。通過確保產品結構轉向利潤率更高的自行車型號,需求也有所增加。本篇論文代筆文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Issues: The company, Yushan Bicycles which is one of the major manufacturers for bicycle, has until now pursued a strategy of international expansion through demand being increased on various product ranges offered by the company (both traditional bicycles and the ones that operate on electricity) (Bartlett and Myers, 2017). Demand is also increased through ensuring that product mix is shifted towards models of bicycles with higher margin. These models were sold by specialty retail outlets for bicycles. The manager of the company’s new subsidiary in Australia, however, considered adopting another approach which could have a focus over selling models of low pricing by major retailers in the sporting goods segment. So far, the strategy of the manager has proved to disappoint the company on financial terms. The company executives and he himself are in disagreement with what caused the financial failure (Bartlett and Myers, 2017). They further did not agree on what future steps need to be taken. The Australian manager mostly depicted that it is the parent company which has led towards the downfall of his subsidiary. He believed that all the customer expectations were met by him and he was doing what he could to ensure higher sales. Now, there is an issue of ensuring the type of international expansion strategy which will be more suitable from the perspective of Australian market because in that market the sales are the lowest in comparison to other markets such as Europe.

  Analysis: The idea of expanding internationally allowed Yushan to escape the consequences of slower growth in its local market. The product mix up gradation and capturing scale economies production have worked to the benefit of this organization (Bartlett and Myers, 2017). The company faced several barriers while entering European nations such as France because of the higher number of competition within the industrial segment. In order to avoid facing such barriers in Australia, the company engaged in balancing its schedules of production. On the other hand, when viewing the channels in Australia, there was a distinct channel which is not present in other nations such as Europe. This channel has been positioned between such retailers of traditional nature. This channel is the sporting goods channel in which many competitors of Yushan are operating such as Rebel and Amart. The segment has a focus over middle range to higher range biking and had been estimated at 35 percent of the entire market (Bartlett and Myers, 2017). It is evident that in the Australian market, the company would have faced losses because the change in product mix did not work to the benefit of the company. The product mix change involved e-bikes but in Australia, the e-biking business segment is in its very early stages. The e-biking concept has not been fully acceptable especially because the customers are not able to feel that they are exercising much. When the management change took place, it further led towards changes to the international structure of the organization as well. It is evident that the company did not set up any physical offices and headquarters in the new countries where it expanded. Moreover, there seems to be cultural barriers activated in this scenario (Bartlett and Myers, 2017). The staffs of Yushan were experienced to operate in the Taiwanese market. Operations in Europe and other parts of Asia were dealt with tough competition but the sales managed to grow due to the brand image development and spending on marketing and distribution. It is evident from the financial data of Yushan Bicycles in the subsidiary of Australia that the company is spending much on sales, general and administrative requirement while it should be investing more on marketing and distribution. Marketing budget increase would allow the company to reach out to many customers at target at large.