Assignment First

  本篇論文 代寫-案例分析與啓示講了有時,ACCC會選擇處理行政事務,而不是與機構打交道。這可以通過接受ACCC的格式來實現,根據《法案》第87B條,涉嫌違反ACL的企業可以通過法院強制執行其承諾。本篇論文 代寫文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Court enforceable undertaking

  Instead of proceeding with institution, at times, the ACCC selects to settle the administrative matter. This can be performed through the acceptance of format in ACCC with undertakings enforceable through court under the 87B section for the Act from a business allegedly breaching ACL. The undertaking list can be inclusive of any of the following:

  Customer compensation suffering from conduct.

  Running the similar frequency corrective advertisements and prominence with those misleading the customers (Parker, 2004).

  Payment for an organization related practice of trade with program for compliance.

  Making changes of administrative nature across business for reducing the future risk to behaviour of misleading nature.

  Undertaking of enforceable nature is not a solution of painless nature for the concerned businesses such as Careers Australia in this case due to the various reasons such as provided below:

  Not being confidential as it has availability over a register of public.

  When undertaking honour is not given, ACCC has the ability of applying with the court for orders which needed the businesses for complying with such an undertaking. An individual ignoring the order in the court will have contempt within the court and this might lead towards any form of imprisonment or fines such as in this case (Parker, 2004).

  In more of the situations, the most essential prices to businesses included in the ACL breaches are the legalized prices with time of executive lost and the hard won reputation of any business being lost.

  Looking for alternatives

  The best alternative in order to be well away from the law suit lies in accepting the issue at hand. This could be done by accepting the enforceable undertaking of the court following issues over its courses of VET FEE-HELP marketing. Along with this, the company should undertake the following:

  Informing students over its website and at the 15 campuses throughout Australia on the availability potential to have their debt cancellation and enrolment.

  Undertaking to implement a compliance program of ACL inclusive of staff training and consistent reviews (Bagshaw, 2016).

  Undertaking to not engage within the future based conduct concern.

  The company should also cooperate with the ACCC in their investigation by working towards addressing the issues on why the company should accept the undertaking instead of taking action in the court.

  Implications for the Education Overload Limited

  There are several implications that have come to the forefront. First of all, ACCC has undertaken to work in a close manner with other agencies of commonwealth and state for addressing the issues in the sector of VET FEE-HELP. Within this matter, the Fair trading NSW development provided complaint in terms of data and supported through its Joint Taskforce participation (Weatherburn, 2004). The Education Overload Limited should also engage in any of such form of study in order to ensure that the company has the ability to lay down itself as an ethical company. The company should also ensure that it is not making any false claims to its target market just as done by Careers Australia. The company should also initiate with a compliance program which will be of much help to the company.