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风险缓解:将采取适当的安全控制措施,以确保此类风险不会发生(Chu, and Dwyer, 2002)。主要在移动这类设备时,应临时聘用有这类设备操作经验的适当人员。这将确保避免风险的发生。

论文代写 :风险的评估和频率

Workplace Hazard 1: Server security issues cause by a hacker attack (virus attack or a denial of service attack)
Risk: The risks that this form of a hazard will occur are very high given that this is an IT services organization that connected with mainframe organizations. The risk could lead to loss of reputation for the company and consequentially the loss service contracts for the employees resulting in stress for all human resources involved.
Frequency/ Impact of Risk: The risk frequency is quite high. In more contemporary times network security hacks are on the rise. So the chances of the occurrence of this attack are quite high. The impact of risk is also quite high as any form of network impact will block the entire service infrastructure of the company.
Risk Mitigation: The risk mitigation policy will begin with active avoidance of the problem by ensuring increased security is in the workplace. Security consultants will be hired to work with in house consultants to ensure the risk impact is reduced in case the risk occurs
Workplace Hazard 2: Sometimes it is necessary to move infrastructure such as workstations, laptops and more to the meeting room in order to conference with clients and this is a potential hazard for the company
Risk: The risk associated with this hazard is that it could result in physical injuries to the worker who is moving the equipment. The risk could affect the worker in a serious way or could just cause a fright and not cause other injuries. Either way worker’s health is compromised.
Frequency/ Impact of Risk: The risk frequency is low to medium because the need for such extensive conferencing where the necessary equipment has to be brought to the meeting room is very less. However, although the risk frequency is low, the impact is quite high. The chances of impact if the equipment was to fall on a worker would be high; it could result in small injuries or worse.
Risk Mitigation: Proper safety controls will be in place to ensure such a risk does not happen (Chu, and Dwyer, 2002). Primarily in the movement of such equipment proper personnel should be hired temporarily, who have experience in such kind of equipment handling. This will ensure that the avoidance of risk happens.