Assignment First

  本篇論文代寫行情-美國的醫療保健讲了美國的醫療保健。S變得越來越貴,但這並不是由於各種各樣的老人跑過價格。大部分資金用於65歲以下但患有慢性疾病(如心臟病、糖尿病等)的個人。一個主要的問題是,個人不知道他們爲醫療保健服務支付了多少錢,因此傳統市場中的自由力量無法起到降低成本的作用。本篇論文代寫行情文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Moreover, the medical care in U.S is getting even pricier but this is not due to various old individuals running over prices. Most of the capital is spent over individuals that are below 65 years old but are in a chronic condition such as heart disease, diabetes etc. One major issue is that individuals do not have any idea what they pay for services of health care so free forces in the traditional market cannot act for keeping the costs decreased (Terhune 400). It is better for the government to take control of this dynamic market and as indicated in Article 1, it is better to implement a provision where unnecessary free charges are not offered but specific focus is laid over them. Free charge for health services should be implemented where chronic conditions and treatments are required. Regular health check-up should be made free so that people can ensure they are not prone to any chronic disease or condition.

  Counter Argument

  Opponents are of the notion that health care industry has dynamic abilities and the costs keep fluctuating. It is the ever changing costs that keep uncertainty in the market at the forefront which cause issues such as uneven market access or affordability to U.S citizens (Terhune 400). They further argue that each individual should work and earn their insurance through work.

  Refuting counter-Argument

  As a counter-argument it can be stated that as per Jeffrey Young, if everyone was to work then everyone should be given equal opportunities as well to work. This opportunity is not provided to each individual across U.S due to income disparities and employment irregularities. He further states that the key culprit is the standard system termed as “fee for service” which motivates the health care institutes and others to perform many tests, treatments of individuals and prescribe them with several drugs rather than focusing on keeping them properly (Terhune 400). It is evident that politicians should dread propaganda and fallout politically that surrounded the failure of health care plan by Clinton. It is therefore required for the clients and their lobbyists within the government to get away from the path and allow Americans to join the remaining developed nations with regard to quality, efficiency and security coming with health care for everyone.


  This is to conclude that each of the considered articles in this paper, had significance to answer the research question under investigation. It is evident from the arguments and counter arguments that a developed nation such as United States should try and reform itself to provide free health care to U.S citizens.

  This essay is of the notion that despite being hard pressed by opponents to not allow universally free access to health care for U.S citizens, there are stricter statistics confirming that this free access is a must. Even though Obama’s act has tried to make a difference, the difference is still remaining. This difference can only be sought through collaborative efforts (Terhune 400). These efforts need to be such that they align with the needs and requirement of patients across U.S healthcare in the best way possible.