Assignment First

  本篇論文 代寫-合同法讲了皮埃爾的案例研究表明,皮埃爾已經簽署了一項競業禁止條款,作爲他僱傭合同的一部分,在一年內不得在方圓100公里內開設餐廳業務。接着,他與法國廚師安東尼(Antoine)合夥創辦了一家餐廳,經營的是一家名爲Delish Pty Ltd.的商業機構。他還有一些未解決的問題,是關於不鏽鋼Pty有限公司和陶瓷Pty有限公司的倉庫設備和廚房用品,他的前合夥人約翰要求繳納這些費用。因此,皮埃爾面臨兩個主要的法律問題。本篇論文 代寫文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The case study of Pierre indicates that Pierre has signed a non-competition clause as part of his employment contract to not setup a restaurant business within 100km radius for one year. He goes on to establish a restaurant business with a partner, a French Chef Antoine by setting up the restaurant as operating from a business structure called Delish Pty Ltd. He also has some pending settlements for warehouse equipment and kitchen supplies from Stainless Pty ltd and Ceramic Pty Ltd, the dues of which are sought by his ex-partner John. There are hence two main legal issues identified for Pierre.

  Issue 1: Has Pierre breached the non-competition clause in his previous employee contract with Le Gourmet and if so what form of action can be taken by Le Gourmet against him

  Issue 2: Is Pierre offered any form or protection from breach of restraint clause because of his starting the restaurant under the business structure of Delish Pty Ltd?

  Issue 3: Should Pierre have to pay for the stock supplies and shelving even though he decided with John to discontinue the business after their disagreement. How can Pierre be advised based on Australian Contract Law?