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论文代写:Jay Maisel拍摄的照片描述和讨论

Jay Maisel拍摄的这张照片涉及到自然采光。作为一名专业的自然光摄影师,这张照片有一个正常的背景,拍摄对象被放大,背景模糊。在这幅画中可以看到光影之间的细微差别。这张照片展示了一个自然的姿势,人们坐在旁边,漫不经心地看着其他物体。这张照片没有显示任何复杂的情况,除了它显示了对主体的聚焦方式(褪色和模糊2-6)。

论文代写 :Jay Maisel拍摄的照片描述和讨论

这张照片的背景也被拍摄下来,墙上挂满了一些衣架和其他物体,这将使气氛丰富多彩。然而,摄影师在拍摄这张照片的时候非常小心,因为外部的物体很少被注意到,或者比较模糊。这个问题只有得到充分的重视。这张照片的实际尺寸是1440px x 1440px。尽管这张照片采用了不同的尺度,比如806 x 545,但质量仍然没有受到影响。图像不会压缩或扭曲从而影响视觉输出。这张照片也可以归入美术范畴。这类似于艺术作品中主体如何得到足够的关注,并且获得了大量的关注。

Jay Maisel是一名专业的美国摄影师,对电影和工作室的形象有着很强的想法。大多数时候,他充分利用自然光线。当William George Wadman拍摄这张照片时,很明显Wadman的自然采光和拍摄能力给了一个很好的输出(褪色和模糊2-6)。

论文代写 :Jay Maisel拍摄的照片描述和讨论

The photograph by Jay Maisel involves natural lighting. Being a professional natural light photographer, this one has a normal background and the subject is zoomed in with the backgrounds blurred. It is possible to witness nuances of light against the shadow in this picture. This photograph shows a natural pose where the person sits on the sideways and gives a casual look on some other object. The photograph does not show any complication except that it shows the way that the focus is done to the subject (Faded & Blurred 2-6).

论文代写 :Jay Maisel拍摄的照片描述和讨论

The background of the photograph is also captured and the wall is filled with several hangings and other objects that will make the atmosphere colorful. However, the photographer has taken extreme care in capturing this photo as the external objects are less noticed or rather blurred. The subject is only of full focus. The actual scale of this photograph is 1440px x 1440px. Despite the different scales applied to this photograph such as 806 x 545, the quality remains unaffected. The image does not compress or distort thereby affecting the visual output. The photograph can also be classified under the fine art category. It is similar to how the subject is given adequate attention in art work, and the subject has gained lots of attention.
Jay Maisel is a professional American photographer with a strong idea on motion pictures and studio images. In most of the times, he makes the best use of natural lighting. When William George Wadman captured this shot, it was evident that the natural lighting along with filmed capacity of Wadman has given an excellent output (Faded & Blurred 2-6).