Assignment First

  本篇論文代寫價格-對澳大利亞移民的批判性分析講了爲老齡化人口提供的服務將有多麼嚴重,養老金缺口將由年輕工人對國家的貢獻來填補。這些移民繳納的稅款將有助於國家基礎設施的發展。除此之外,移民們將有一個新的視角,併爲全體人民制定解決方案。可以增加人們開發創新解決方案的機會(Carmon, 2016)。很明顯,澳大利亞的發展是以移民爲基礎的。這已經被觀察了好幾個世紀。這個國家有包容的政策,有許多法律已經到位,以確保人民不受傷害。

  Howevere There will be services done for the ageing population and the pension gap will be filled by the contribution of the young workers into the nation. These immigrants pay taxes that will be useful for the infrastructural development of the nation. Apart from this, the immigrants would have a newer perspective and develop solutions for the people as a whole. There can be increased opportunities for the people to develop innovative solutions (Carmon, 2016). It is evident that Australia has developed based on the immigrants into the nation. This has been observed for many centuries. The nation has an inclusive policy and there are many laws that are in place to ensure that the people are not victimized. There are certain measures that the government takes to meet the needs of the citizens of the nations. The people in these nations have been historically benefitted by the immigrant influx. At the same time, the people from other nations have caused security issues in the host nation. There has been an overall reduced morale in the society based on the higher influx of immigrants. The loss of cohesion has been the major issues (Helbling, 2014).

  The host nation would be benefitted by the cultural diversity. There can be empathy developed by the people based on these newer perceptions. The country of origin of the immigrants is benefitted in this process (Akbari & MacDonald, 2014). There is a possibility for the migrants will be exploited. They are forced to work for lower wages and there is an overall suppression of the events. This might lead to saturation of the number of jobs causing the unemployment rates to increase in the host country (Taylor & Gerritsen, 2014). Apart from this, when large number of people are moving into the nation, there can be security issues. Not all immigrants come into the nation to bring prosperity. There are unscrupulous people who are looking to exploit the current conditions. Hence these people would become a security threat and impact the people living in the nation. The local people might start to develop apprehensive attitude and there will be an overall impact of apprehensive attitude in the society. There will be more cash inflow into the nation and the unemployment rate in the nations would be reduced as a result of these changes. There can be a positive relationship that will be forged between the nations and holistic growth will be made possible in this paradigm. However, there are certain limitations to this model. The people from different nations have started to develop fear against retribution. This does not really help all the people. In these cases, the people cannot resolve these issues. There is a need for governmental legislations to mandate these issues. The nations need to develop a cohesive and sensible policies to address the current issues. The government needs to find ways to improve cohesive attitude between all the people. This would instil a more amiable society that is friendly towards all the people. In this paradigm, a balanced approach needs to be in place to prevent unscrupulous people to enter into the region. The government needs to ensure that there are adequate policies in place to address this issue.

  To conclude, it cannot be refuted that immigration has benefitted all the people in the society. This immigration has caused the local nation to be benefitted in this paradigm. The nation needs to find and decipher legislation where some of the few issues in legislation need to be addressed. The benefits are found to outweigh the limitation of this model.