Assignment First

  本篇論文代寫價格-國際戰略規劃讲了2012年,澳大利亞與馬來西亞簽署了《馬澳自由貿易協定》(Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement),雙方以開放零售業務爲延伸目標,以融合澳大利亞零售業務與亞洲零售業務的特點爲目標。本協議自次年1月1日起生效,即2013年。在成功談判達成協議後,一套條款和條件已經形成。本篇論文代寫價格文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  2.1 Choice of Malaysia as a Foreign Market Country

  As all know that Malaysia has been showing swelling histogram with regard to economic development and development in the field of international business, it is needless to mention that it has already become able to introduce itself to the world as a developed nation. It has possessed the structural base characterized by the features of a newly industrialized market economy (Hernández & Nieto, 2015). When the retail business is taken into consideration, it will be seen that Malaysia is holding a 3rd position in the international context (according to the reports provided by Global Retail Development Index in 2017). Thus, for launching or operating retail business functions, Malaysia has been regarded as the best choice for MLA Group Limited.

  2.2 Malaysia’s Trade Agreement with Australia

  With an outspread target of liberalizing retail business along with the purpose ofamalgamating the traits of Australian retail business with the Asian ones, Australia and Malaysia transacted the Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement, in the year 2012. The agreement became operational from 1st January in the following year i.e. in 2013.After successfully negotiating the agreement, a set of terms and conditions have been composed (Wikholm& Olsson, 2017).

  As a part of the first and foremost condition, both the countries have attempted to minimize the tariffs on goods, remarkably, 97.6% of Australian commodities exported to Malaysia have become tariff-free. On the other hand, Australia withdrew all tariffs those had been imposed on Malaysian goods (Maynard, 2017).According to the conditions of the pact, tariffs those had been imposed on large vehicles and automotive apparatus to be imported into Malaysia from Australia were removed. In addition to that tariffs on portable, vehicles were abolished by the year 2016.

  3.0 Rationale for Strategic Plan

  3.1 Current Business Growth Rate of AMA Group Limited

  Under this particular section, a precise account consisting of the details of current business growth of AMA Group Limited in Malaysian market will be shown to predict how convenient the Malaysian market is for AMA Group Limited to run their retail business.

  Figure: 1. Three Years Revenue Growth of AMA Group Limited

  (Source: Author)

  Here, the graph is showing that the revenue of AMA Group Limited was 93,197,000US$ in the year 2015. In the following year, the revenue has touched an estimation of more than 264,284,000US$ that means revenue has been increased to a large extent. In the year 2017, the revenue has been upgraded to more than 382,165,000US$ approximately. From the diagram, it is totally evident that the company revenue has been maintaining an escalating trend. That is why the Malaysian market has proved to be very convenient for AMA Group Limited to successfully operate its retail business (AMA Group Limited, 2017).