Assignment First

  本篇論文代寫價格-英國退歐的負面影響讲了關於英國退歐這一全球性問題的研究已經明確指出,一個問題可以導致對同一個國家的多個威脅。這最終會給經濟和社會帶來負面影響。旅遊業在一個國家的經濟可持續性中發揮着更大的作用。英國退出歐盟不僅會影響旅遊業,還會造成失業,降低英國的GDP。本篇論文代寫價格文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  Many companies which are into hotel booking and acted as tourist agents will have to quit their businesses in due course of time as it is no more going to pick up with these issues. When the tourism industry does not acquire all the necessary income as proposed, there is a probability that the industry will either close many of the visitor attractions or proliferate the local market rate to meet with the expenses. This is an effort to raise the demand (Peers, 2016). At the same time, it will discourage the current population with no better advantages to them and they will prefer to shift their countries of existence.

  Tourism industry can also viewed as a trading area where ship, airlines and other modes of transport are used to address the ongoing demands of people and supply the necessary products in the domestic market (ABTA, 2016). As UK has officially left EU, it will lead to a situation where these modes of transport will no more prefer to reach the destination and even if they attempt to reach, the charge to commute will increase. In such a case, the country will remain less attractive to other countries and also in the global market for trading and other fields.


  It is clear from the aforementioned study that the issue is increasing in terms of its severity and there is high risk in majority of the departments including employment, new businesses, foreign investments, education, etc. Altogether, it threatens the survival in this country.

  Here are 2 major recommendations to follow for the future.

  1. Freedom of movement is at the stake. It is appropriate to find alternative ways of trade to still continue to deal with this country.

  2. Consumer confidence and business growth are at stake and it is relevant to immediately find alternate ways to make the field attractive.


  The study on the global issue of Brexit has clearly stated that one issue can lead to several threats to the same country. This will eventually lead to negative consequences to the economy and society on the whole. Travel and tourism sectors play greater roles in the economic sustainability of a country. The exit of UK from EU will not only impact the travel sector but will also create unemployment and reduce GDP of the country.