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  本篇论文代写-乳制品行业的营销和管理策略讨论了澳大利亚乳制品行业不同的营销和管理策略。它解释了社会、环境和经济方面对该行业的影响。在文章中指出,战略需要改善和措施的可持续性的做法的行业和贝叶斯网络模型已用于开发与此目的相关的适应性工具。可持续发展记分卡显然进入了乳品行业的社会、经济和环境领域,适用于制定解决行业可持续发展问题的方案。可持续发展记分卡甚至可以对不同行业的可持续发展进行比较和量化。本篇论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Regulations, P. (2011). Australian Dairy Industry

  Buys, L., Mengersen, K., Johnson, S., van Buuren, N. & Chauvin, A. (2014). Creating a Sustainability Scorecard as a predictive tool for measuring the complex social, economic and environmental impacts of industries, a case study: Assessing the viability and sustainability of the dairy industry. Journal of Environmental Management, 133, 184-192.

  The article essentially talks about different marketing and management strategies in the dairy industry within Australia. It explains about the impacts of the social, environmental and economic aspects on the industry. It is stated in the article that strategies are required to improve and the measure of the sustainability practices of the industries and Bayesian network modelling have been used for developing the adaptable tool related to this purpose. Sustainability scorecard apparently accesses the social economic and environmental domains in the dairy industry and it is suitable for development of the solutions to the sustainability problems and issues in the industry. A sustainability scorecard even enables the comparison and quantification of the sustainability across different industries.

  Sustainability claims to be the key driver regarding management of decisions and future development in the industry. Development of the strategies in order to measure and improve the sustainability in environmental, social along with economical domain has been hindered by the intense debate among individuals for anyone approach, which fears that the efforts can have adverse impacts on the industry. The study lost bets that comparing and quantifying the stability of the industry across triple bottom line of the economy, social and environmental impact has been problematic in a prolonged way. In order to develop the management as well as marketing strategies, sustainability practices must be undertaken and incorporated in the Nestle, Australia.