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產品線:公司有不同的產品線。這是按照公司最初計劃的產品來做的。該公司的產品線包括T恤、鞋類和帽子。因此,本公司的產品包括該產品,該產品分布在新西蘭各地。這些產品非常好,5歲到9歲的孩子都可以使用,非常容易和舒適。當孩子們穿上鞋子的時候,他們會覺得很輕,就像他們的腳沒有穿任何東西一樣(Young and Roland, 2001)。此外,該公司的T恤將設計的方式,它將感覺非常輕,對孩子們很好。T恤可以在他們玩的時候或者做一些無聊的工作的時候使用。因此,該公司為5到9歲的兒童細分了市場。

論文代寫推薦 :公司的產品線



論文代寫推薦 :公司的產品線

Product line: There is different product line of the company. This has been done as per the initial products which have been planned for the company. The product line of the company includes the T shirts, footwear and caps. Thus the product of the company includes such a product which is distributed in all over the New Zealand. The products are so good that they can be used by the children from the age group of 5 years to 9 years very easily and comfortably. When the children will wear the shoes, they will feel so light as if they have worn nothing in their feet (Young and Roland, 2001). Also the T shirts of the company will be designed in the way that it will feel very light and nice for the children. The T shirts can be used whenever they are playing or whenever they are doing some tedious work. Thus the company has its segmented market for the kids who are between the ages of 5 to 9 years.

論文代寫推薦 :公司的產品線

In the initial phase, the company is only focusing on the T shirts, shoes and caps but later it will further diversify in the market by adding many more products.
Thus the product line of the company is limited in the initial phase. But it will be ensured that there will be higher levels of consistency for the product. Over the period of time, there may be a differentiation in the product line and many new products will come up and enter in the market.